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@ODZ i happened to be already a step ahead of what i thought...looks like my diluted rests of EMa juice did something to the rice i had jarred up somewhere down the line...think i'll have to give it a stir and add some milk oo water, not sure if i want to distrub/overcolonize the existing microbiome of this one. The darker stuff is residue from the previous run of coffee bokashi (not the one from previous post).
I use mostly on the outside garden as it is not as nutrient rich (depending on the beans i think) as i need it for LED.m

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Think i can make this a bit more powerful if stirring up and adding a little sugar source to have it as a starter inoculant, ibwant the whole rice full of mycelium. Need to find a cheap/free malted barley or bran source gotta check the neighbourhood...gonna do a few sacks in the yard as long as the weather allows me to and put the finished product in buckets...any experience in drying bokashi bran for storage? I know you can buy the bran inoculated so it must be possible somehow...

I've found the local agri store has the cheapest bran. I've been able to buy 10kg/25kg bags off the shelf there.

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Little something on the side

Quarter Coconut (i didnt buy it for that reason it just wasnt consumable anymore) ground up and shaken every day, kept in the fridge, auxin booster for veg rooting etc.
(growth hormone)

Coconut booster.png

Some DIY Terra Preta derivate...
old homemeade gardencompost +20-30% biological activated charcoal
(looks darker in person)
curious to try that one...

DiY TP_1.png
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Strained the Coconutbooster today before it falls into a state of manure...has a fresh coco smell to it.
Took some Apple B freebies from Karma G and jucied them up and also put the strained cocoflakes on as topdressing a cut going mama, cleaned out the bottle with some tapwater and took it along with the flakes back into the mixers and watered with it. Plant loves it...lets see how fast these (fresh) beans.pop on coco...maybe we get a 24h pop?

Cocobooster.pngCococo.pngKarma APPLE B.pngAPPLE B on cocobooster.pngScone topped with coconut flakes ;)_1.pngHealthytips.png

Stay healthy!

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Watching this thread with keen interest now. Just started doing Coot's no-till last year myself. There was an extremely significant difference in quality of the end product, the growth rate and trichs/flavonoid production in the plant was observed waaayyyy earlier than the plants I had in the ground last year.

I'm only just getting started with the differences observed between the two grows. Plus I'm starting to get it alot more figured out and alot more prepared for this season and have different amendments I was using last time around so I anticipate this year's harvest to be miles ahead of last year's LSO grow.

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Little update on the Homemade Terra Preta - same 2 pots as above, after a rainfall they show some sexy little chunks of charcoal here and there...

DIY TP 1_1_1.pngDIY TP 2_1.png

Thinking about adding some charged coco to the it right there but am on the edge about it. Think it would add some flufflyness to the mix, it feels alright now but could get compacted over the length of a grow so this is going to be a 'tuff' decision. Id like to see it perform as pure as possible tbh...lets see ill keep it updated.

Also found some barley right in that price range @DannyTwoJoints and am going to get some EM bagworks going with it as soon as it lands.
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Decided to blend the mix.

Added 1/3rd charged coco coir and some activated plant charcoal to keep the overall 20-30% charcoal ratio.

Then i also added 2 scoops of 7-7-7 organic fertilizer plus a good scoop of Gypsum aka Ca2SO4 and gave it a good mix...looks very nice.

TP test_1.png

Mix will sit for a few days and hopefully the Apple Bs come up soon. 1 cracked in 24h one just the day after but seemed slow and one dulled out.
Put the one on GO into starter pot and the other two into cocojiffy i would like to use these as my Terra Preta de Coco testers...if the other two will come up...

Sorry no Mr.Nice gear atm but there are straws in the cart so just a matter of time...

Nice side effect ofbthe blending action is i got an amount of 3 pots vs 2 pots before and i think this will perform better under artificial light vs unamended.

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Also topped off the Indo soon to be mom

3 tablespoons Gypsum sprinkled around the base topped off with premium TP compost. She should be happy for times to come.
After the last week under (switch to) CFL vs Blurple she bounced back from having only single leafs back to 3 sets.
Originally grows 5 fingered leaf.

Topdress gypsum.png
Topper on topdress.png