Light stress?


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My G13xSkunk Fem dont look to good all stems of the leafs are red and all leafs are hanging also the side growth hangs she was preety close to the LEDS and i can imagine that light stress? or some dev ? but im a novice im not sure here are some pic for u guys and girls
ah and the brown spots what feels dry or dry out
here the red leaf stems hanging side groth hanging everything:poop:
here u can see the hanging side growth right left middle and the brown spots as well
she was feeded with worm humus as topfeed and some bottle nuts the other plants look good that i was also considering maybe the mature of the plant long time in a to small pot now 7L ok not to much for a almost 5 month old plant and i can see she wants to flower
everythere are preflowers to find some kind of stress or?



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ok it was light stress i put the leds higher and under water because I remembered that I only transplanted her a week ago and the roots aint everythere yet because the top soil was bone dry but the pot real heavy and some water and light away for some hours later and she looks alot better


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Transplanted from 3/4 gallon plastic pots to a 3 gallon fabric pot

Transplants were in Happy Frog and put into Roots 707

I gave them a little water a half hour ago and it got worse but I was interrupting their 6 hour dark period

I thought maybe I underwatered but watered til run off on day of transplant


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ah ok i now read your other post after 2-3 days nothings better leaf color maybe the leafs will hang for a while and maybe u have light stress my show the stress after 1 day but i did not look or i dont know so 3 days later she was looking real sick how far is your light away my is now 20 inch away 150w leds and alverything is fine
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red sterm is not a problem i remember my g13skunk do the same
i think your leave have burn
maybe you not watering enought after too much in one time ?
watering with regularity but little by little to keep humidity of soil but not too much after the plant burn if you give too much water after a dry
the roots are not saturated in the pot ?


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no not yet as it seams real heavy pot but i saturaded maybe a bit to much the soil with water and the red leaf stems first show after that stress on the balkony nothing i mean that i never have seen red leaf stem outdoor just indoors