Light distance after 12/12 question.


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I have questions on light height after 12/12 has started.
I have heard just to move light up all the way and let plants grow where they want if my lamp is powerful enough.
My cob system and led panels keep plants too short and stocky.
Even in veg if I keep lights too low plants get hard to train and ventilation suffers.
What are some experiences with light height in 12/12,given your using 1000watt or equivalent lamp?


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I use cool tubes and mh/hps and keep them at more or less the same height and let the plants grow up to them and flip when I think they’ll stretch up close to the tubes, my exhaust is powerful enough to keep them from burning when they’re as close to 6” away but with led they tend to need a little bit more space between the fixture and the canopyusually around 12” from the fully stretches tops I believe