Launching 7 seeds



Hi All,

I cannot wait for the NL5...

So I start a little grow of G13 to wait.

I made recently G13ww

G13ww is very very special...Like Redeye said it is a gem.
I like it also very much, so I keep a mother. Hard hard buds...and loud-fat smoke.
But no paranoia inside and smaller plants. I found the smoke hypnotic, not like a conventional high or stone.
A normal state but hypnotized, for me.
I like to melt it with other strains or with alcohol to go out. No nausea. For me....

I want to try the Skunk version . And it the only remaining Shanti's G13 cross on sale actually.

Soooo, tonight I put 10 seeds to germinate. I wrote 7 in the title, but I put 1 deformed and a little white more 1 nice.
so I edited.

Voila, see you ++
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Hi there mate

Looking forward to seeing how the 7 Gunks turn out for you

Keep us updated, wish ya all the best with them



Quick germ

Huhu :)

In fact 5 / 10 seeds have already cracked, we are under 24h

so i fell good

They are now placed inside RootRiot Cube in a little "greenhouse" below the
2x55 TN

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Ok, so 7/10 have germed.

2 are out of the soil with 1 already without the shell

1 deformed : ok no illusions / 1 little white : the same / 1 nice : badluck !

I now placed the little cube inside the soil, in pots of 15x15x20

I wrote that they will grow 24/24, but it is not true, will do 18/24 to down the chance to have males.
(on my experiments, 24/24 and directly switch flo gave me a higher proportions of males. Maybe, I don t know....)