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"Too close to call" - Bart Goldstein
"Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em" - Kenny Rogers
"I have no opinion on this one" - Lefty Rosenthal

Going with Lefty on this one. Big difference between a 'betting man' and a fucking degenerate gambler!;)



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Wanted to check out, but auction expired :s
Sorry for my delay MNS team. I got lost of time... It was NLx Afghan :(


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whats going on Neville´s Skunk is at 22€ and 2 days left the last weeks it goes for 12,50€ and now some one realy wants it
*edit* same for med man for 50,50€ right now top high what i know from
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Combo pack (auction)
A combo pack is an auctioned product bundle: multiple strains that can be won together as a bundled product. Important: This pack contains 30 seeds…G13 Skunk, G13 Widow, and G13 Haze.

G13 pack:
G13 is a true OG in the game and you’ll probably become one too when you grow these babies.

Contents of the packet:
This pack contains G13 Skunk (15 seeds), G13 Widow (15 seeds), and G13 Haze (15 seeds), plus extra because you’re too cute!
When purchased as single packs, the 3 strains have a combined retail price of €103,00.

Regulars: all of our seeds are regulars (non-feminized). Giving you a 50/50 chance of either males or females. The aim of this is to ensure you have everything you need for all types of selection and infinite possibilities.

Why this G13 combo pack says 30 seeds and then 15 each This pack contains 2 times diferent