It was all a Dream

Lord Siva

Hello this is a report on a fast flowering girl out of a pack of Dreamtime.
She had a rough start to life but turned out to be a dream.
She blew out some ball and late flower bananas.
Have yet to find and seeds, knock on wood.
I will be updating this later.
Here she is at week six of flower.


Lord Siva

Quick smoke update

Good to see you Capt n Yesca
Ok she was taken out of the light at six weeks, and sat for a day or two, not in the dark but not in the light either lol.
The Smell

The smell is berry nice, berry berry nice.

She has a strong raspberry blueberry front end to her, followed by a strong mix of menthol/ camphor/ mint and pine, followed with the smooth lingering fragrance of chocolate/mint and cured hash.

I gave my better half the old " smell my finger" trick after transferring the buds to jars.

She said " WoW, Blue raspberry scented Gasoline, what will they think of next.

I answered "well, I just don't know, but I am sure it can be found in a pack of Dreamtime."
She looked at me like I was a stupid, So I left it at that.

The Smoke

Very nice, the flavor tickles your tongue,
Closest high to that of a good ECSD , best i can describe it.
Strong body with a head that can induce some panic.
No munchies with this one kids.

Not sure what she is but I love her
Also the pollen was not sterile,after about 10 grams of smoke found 2 beans. no disaster.
Further reporting to come

Chana Masala

Lord S, love the title of the journal. Any realtion to biggie smalls???

I hope so cause I am shouting you and biggie right now! If not the first verse goes "it was all a dream... [edit verse] i used to read high times magazine..." lol...

Sorry mate, back to the great pictures and I am looking forward to sharing some thoughts. Was hoping we could talk about the nanners my brother and what you think might of caused them i.e. grower or breeder. Many of us have been down this road before, and it would be great if we could understand what is the cause. I see there is also a thread right now about the same thing.

Love your thoughts about the finger and the missus, hahahaha. Weed snobs eh! Only we really know what the hell is going on... everyone else thinks we are nuts...lololol.

Talk soon when you have some time.


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Lord Siva

Relax and take notes while I take tokes of the marijuana smoke.
I and I
Chana I hope the night is treating you well
The whole intersexed thing has always perplexed me.
I ican tell you there were at least three external factor at this girls
early stages that may have helped her throws some nuts.
But the lady next to her stayed rock solid, it was a Black Diamond x Nordle.
As for the late nanners. that seems to happen to most of my worth while smokes.
Strange , but better bud always seems to push a nanner or two.

I will talk later


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...Bring some weed, I got a story to tell.

Sexy plant, SivaSiva :) I would have guessed MasterKaze cause it looks like one of the MkZ I was running for a lil while. Don't know how you do it, Siva. I've only been able to get off the '...smell my finger...' ONCE per relationship. Of course it's generally not smelling like bud :p

Lord Siva

P star .what up? got some root porn coming soon.
I know your a sucker for some phat roots lol

this be the only dreamtime female i have so i cant offer
much info on what else may be found.
i wish you the best of luck

Lord Siva

Thank you Yesca, been lurking on you g13/widow, that one odd leaf
stuff happens all the time.
I would not treat until you are sure it is not just an odd deformity.

Got into her bottom today.
Crazy her roots smelled of fresh flowers and honey.
Not sure if it been said before:
I dont grow plants, I grow happy roots,
The roots in return do all the hard work raising plants, lol