It’s a monster


My first run of Neville’s haze was kinda of disappointing, only a few seeds popped most was male I stupedily disregarded and didn’t keep , got two females I grew out and believe I put in flower to eatly , my room was full all ready and was scared of the dreaded stretch , I also think I harvested them to early one was ok didn’t keep it and the other was very good but was very lanky and even after putting it into flower only grew to about a foot tall but even only being a foot or so tall the stims did not seem very strong but I decided to reveg it . My priority had been ssh take clones veg flower repeat . When I decided to reveg the Neville’s I had just put two ssh’s In my flower closet cause thats really all I had room for so as she started to reveg her I bent the shit out of her tying the branches to the sides of the pot making several new tops , Neville’s grows more like a vine and is easy for low stress training as the ssh was finishing with all the branches Tied down all these new tops countinuless grew very quickly and I had to keep topping to try to keep a even canopy this caused even more tops to form so finally my ssh all finished and I put the Neville’s that’s in a rather large pot and if the branches had not been tied down would have probably been about three feet tall but because of how I trained her was only about 3/4 a foot tall when put in flower and cause of how wide she was took up my whole box . I think I still have 2-4 more weeks to go with her now cause the buds keep putting on wait . So far I am more then happy with the production some huge buds that with the ssh it’s ready at this point nice cola formations on some tops then other tops are not as much colas as the tops being just huge flower clusters as big as both my hands put together the trichome predoction is out of this world even with the bear eye you can see them , when you look at them through your phone and blow up the images , I’m stealing this statement from some one who did a Kali mist grow it looks like a million little disco balls every where . I all ways thought Kali mist was a ssh pheno but now I’m not to sure that it’s not actually a Neville’s haze pheno . This was going to be my last run of the Neville’s cause they are kinda of a pain to grow but now I sure am glad I gave her a second chance . I am very impressed with her and wish I knew how to post pictures for every one to see . This is definitely a strain you need a few grows under your belt to do properly. I also wish I knew how to take pictures so I could enter it into the bud of the month contest cause I would take the prize happily


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I’ve quoted it before and happily quote it again:

...If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy, she won't be amazing. If she's worth it, you wont give up... B. Marley

In this instant gratification world, patience truly is a virtue and these sativas aren’t for everyone in that regard. The rewards and satisfaction that come from growing these strains however, are well worth the wait. Long live the sublime jungle vine!



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Wow, sounds awesome. Glad to hear there's still magic in MNS Neville's Haze. Our friend L33t has also found a very nice NH from recent seed. I have a couple straws and I'm so tempted to grow some out this summer...


I was contemplating popping some of those seeds when I heard Nevil passed.

Now I definitely will. Maybe combined with some SSH and/or Malawi for comparison.

Need to reveg most of my G13xAfgHz testers and G13xSkunk keepers from the last round because my clones died. Might as well pop some new seeds in the meantime.


Just be patient with the Neville’s and take your time with low stress training during veg . Becaefull with revenging I have found that certain strains handle it better then others it puts a lot of stress and after so many times will kill the plant best just to get your clone taking skills down
when i heard the news about nevil i tried to germinate 4 packs of NH from the auctions from a couple months ago.
73 total seeds.
27 above soil so far.
hope i get more.


Well it’s friday , the day of the week I water heavily and don’t check or water again until Tuesday allowing plenty of oxygen to get to the roots , it’s all ways a exciting morning on Tuesday to see what kind of surprise awaits me to see all the new growth after just a few days .


my Water schedule is water Tuesday , feed Wednesday , let dry out some thursday , water kinda heavy on Friday but not to much then let dry out for three days . It took me a few times to learn that during flowering you don’t need or shouldn’t water every day


Another thing I would like to note when I put her into flower she was about two and a half foot wide and on average about 3/4 a foot tall , she is now about three foot tall and believe the over all stretch was done about a week or two ago at least