Is Black Widow an IBL?


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Hi all, I have an interest in all things science and increasingly botany specifically. As an outlet for my curiosity I'm considering doing a bit of plant crossing with my favorite plant.

For my first foray into the wild I'm thinking about using a BW male as recommended in the seed catalogue. Because the female I'll be using is a hybrid, I want the male to be an IBL. If for no other reason than I'll know the proper nomenclature for this kind of cross! Everything is intimidating enough without going forward completely in the dark.

Thanks for any information you can provide.


and you are wrong, kind of.

white widow has been bred into different lines and then recombined.
some people think that it is an f1 at that point.
others think that the two lines were related, so the definition of f1 hybrid does not fit.

all it comes down to is words and the plants are what is important.


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Thanks for your input. If true, and assuming both parents are hybrids, then I think my first cross will be the double cross. :D --sounds ominous