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Hey All,
Recently had the chance to re-run 2 Medman females along with 1 Nordle/Widow female. This report is based on the Medman pheno’s as respective to the thread and will do another later for the Nordle/Wid. So these two plants really stood out above the first run of 12 girls. Pheno A roughly triples when put into flower and has a tendency to grow one main cola with some generous side branching at the top of the plant. Put into flower at 12in they hit about 36in and would be the perfect SOG plant (going forward that is how she will be run) cuz the stretch is nice so the veg time is a bit smaller for a plant that has extreme indica effects. Pheno A flowers in 56days and commercially could be pulled at 7wks, she is the fastest flowering plant to ever enter the garden. Large rock solid baseball bat type of pheno, a little leafy and glistens with an abundance or resin glands. Plants literally stick to fingers and glisten under the light like a fine diamond . Yield is good as the density of the plant is rewarding. In terms of smoke she is a very narcotic type of feel. Comes on fairly quickly with a very overwhelming type of effect on the mind, makes my mind feel like it’s a candle melting away. Body effect slowly fades in and after 10-15 minutes has an extremely heavy/drowsy sort of stone. Eyes go red very fast and any motivation pretty much goes out the window. I smoked her before work and was a bad idea, just to heavy for the daytime which is the type of plant I was searching for when the journey began. I will update the info in terms of tolerance and the subtle effects of a good 6wk cure before eliminating any of the remaining 3 mothers. Pheno A was my favorite of the 3 mothers however the others turned out so well that Pheno B and Nordle/Wid both earned a second round. Keep you updated


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Hi Mr C, thank you for your report. I remember you saying in another thread that you were in search of such a gem. Im really happy that you found the one you were looking for but to get an 8 weeker was really the frost on top.
I must say I was really surprised by the amount of strech they had. When I grew my keepers out to large plants they were trained into bushes and still quadrupled in height which really caught me by surprise.
Im glad I found your thread just sorry it took so long.
I hope everything is growing well.
Take care