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I am very intrigued by this unique line of the Shanti catalog...
Since I'd like to have her run next outdoor season, I'm looking for as much information on it
are at 44 N what time of harvest should I expect?
I seem to have understood that the strain manifests itself preponderantly on the side indicates with some sativa phenotype type haze... confirmed?
how is the resistance to mold?
I would like to have some more information about lineage...
Hawaiian indica is Hawaiian sativa x northern light # 5?

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@Efesto - from my catalog of notes, Hope this helps posted circa 2005 from shanti

it was originally called Hawaii 5-0...when I first created it but since the MNS it was renamed.
Spice is definitively old world genetics.It was originally made in 87 and then had a few improvements in the early 90s only to remain the same since then.
Since Hawaii had no land races this Spice comes from a long history of serious breeding done with specially adapted indicas and sativas.Over the years and through a lot of interbreeding they have become very personalized and unique.My experience with these different adapted strains coming out of islands of Hawaii shine through on this plant.

Spice is a fruity flavoured sweet aromatic plant.
It really is a distinct strain with its leaf traits and smell.
Very wide leaves, they over lap a fair bit and they are short.The plants are also short.

Spice is basically 75 indica:25 sativa.The phenotype usually comes out similar.
If you go for the sativa aspects it will be comparable to SSH in the way that it will grow straight up with fluffy-ball shaped buds...maybe not as strong but different.If you choose on the indica side of things then you may find some serious strong and acrid smells that got her her name Spice.

It is advisable to keep a constant ec for her.She responds better to a very consistant climate.Climate being the wholistic elements of the entire grow room...air, air circulation, temp, water ph...If you are any sorts of growers this lady is fun.If you room is not up to scratch then she will repay you with the equivalent budage...
What I usually do is give her an ec of 1.6-1.8 with a ph of 5.8 when she grows on rockwool. As she gets developed reduce the Ec to 1.4 the last few weeks before flushing the nutrients out the last week or so.


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Hey svap. I haven't grown these out recently but the ones i had stretched quite a bit. For the first 3 weeks of 12/12 lighting schedule. Mine doubled in size. maybe even a little more.