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hunting for a dream


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Ok i just ordered a pack of dreamtime with the thought that i might find a male to breed to my 20+ year old lemon skunk this is a fast flowering sativa dominate hybrid about 80 /20 i will keep a grow dairy so every one can watch will i do a little dreaming

lemon skunk #2 001.JPG


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iv played the name game for year and it no longer plays a role in my growing decision i just wont quality i have no dilutions of being the next Shantibaba i just wont to try to compliment a great old plant and have seed stoke Its much easier to share seeds then clones so i went with dreantime do to the wide array of possibility i plan on keeping all the males and hitting a clone with each of them

this is a list of the strains iv tried so fare and have not found what im looking for
Madanuska thunder fu@k
black Alaskan (witch was reversed clone only )
early girl
skunk # (you name it )
i know there is more i just can think of them of the top of my head


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