How to Pick a good Father for breedinng


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Also curious to hear a response to these questions.

Hi everyone,

so it was stated that the earliest males are usually discarded. But what is the reason for this? Is earliness not usually a desired trait? Also what does early mean in terms of male flowers? I ve seen males shed pollen after 2 weeks in flower. Would that be an ealy one?

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Read up braddahs! The information is within this site. In post #2 and #25, Shanti's explanations gives a good rundown on what to look for in a male. He explains, "Males that flower too quickly or too tall are also not the best for breeding since they put too much energy into fiber production which is not the trait one is looking for in a medicinal plant."
Morphology does not give a complete picture. If you've seen earlier pics of haze males, one would wonder why anyone would use such outwardly anemic and sparse plants. One needs to look deeper, e.g. "Males that produce tight floral clusters rather than airy sparse floral clusters are usually better to breed with."
There really is a lot that goes into selecting the right male. The critically important piece as Shanti mentions is, "Male plants of this species need to be carefully selected to avoid a lot of laborious work, which means one will need to do a lot of testing of F1 seed made from a particular male to verify if the sex linked traits are real or not." As with most things, to do it the right way one needs dedication.



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Thank you musashi. I actually read that posts but still it is unclear to me why an early flowering male would put too much energy into fiber production. I suppose that was related to the males flowering too tall. And also what is early in terms of male? Males flower more quickly than females ime but what is too early?


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Alright I found the answer. In another thread someone posted this quote of Dj Short.:

'The very early declared males have a tendency to be less desirable in terms of their contributions to the quality of the finished product. (If you are trying to specifically create an early-flowering strain, then your priorities may be different.)'

And this is quoted from Shantibabas article 'Hobby Seed Breeding' on the MNS webpage:

'After introducing the male into the flowering cycle it will take approximately 2 weeks before the male flowers begin to become visible.'

So i guess that early male means everything flowering before 2 weeks in 12/12, although it also might be species specific. What are your peoples experiences?