How many SSH/MH plants can I fit on 4,22m2???


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Hello everyone :)

Im planing to do a grow soon whit SSH and MH. And I wonder how many plant can I have in my grow space?

My grow space is 4,22m2

Can I have 30 or 42 plants on that space, what do you guy's think???

Im growing whit Hydro, 3 x 600w, from seeds, right on 12/12 bc I have heard thay will stretch like hell!

And one more thing if you are not 100% sure please don't answer! Bc there are way to many ppl out here that are full of shitt!

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Kitepot :)


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To achieve those numbers you'd need 80+ plants to start with, unless you're running clones of a selected mother. Mango Haze generally stretched across the board (all phenos) more than super silver haze, but some SSH phenos can go from a 6 inch rooted cutting to over 4 1/2 feet tall. I'd say that's the exception more than the norm though, most stretch 2-3 times in the SSH batch, Mango Haze I'd say 3-5 times. But the Haze Dominant structured plants with hybrid vigor, watch out, they're insane with the stretch. NOTHING like it I've ever seen.


Most of the info you need will be in this thread. I'm not too good on the computer but this is the address of it, lol.

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Im going for 30 plants on that space I have. Think that will be better than 42 time will show he he.

Thanks for stopping by Ouchie and zigzag! And thanks for the heads up and the info!

See you around :)

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