how does someone grown their own weed at home?


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When you buy pot save the seeds. Germinate them before planting in a moist rolled up paper towel. Pot seeds are dried out and some won't sprout. Take the sprouts and carefully plant them in a loose well drained potting mix. I like to make mine from compost with rabbit, sheep and llama droppings. (I have rabbits, sheep and llamas). They aren't as harsh as cow manure. Never use carnivore feces.

Marijuana like to have a lot of light. You can grow indoors with grow lamps but I like the organic nature of sunlight. You'll want to use a rain gauge to regulate irrigation. Don't water too much. Irrigate early in the morning as the sun is rising so the water doesn't evaporate. I like to use drip and broadcast irrigation . Drip for regular water

If you want nice big buds pick a few of the best ones on each plant and nurture them. I like to start pruning early and take any downward pointing branches. Make the cuts at a 45 degree angle to the direction of growth. It seems wasteful but pick off any poorly formed or loose buds. (I usually give them away) Prune off the sucker limbs that grow between other limbs. Keep your sheers clean and sharp.

Have fun, experiment with different seeds, soil, light, water. Different climates have different needs. Greenhouses are good in colder regions.
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