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I really like your old school SOG grow style.
This plant and your ssh are killing.
Well done m8.
Thanks. That one is very sticky with a sweet peppermint eucalyptus type terp profile.
Here's another pheno at 41 days. It's got more stretch, harder buds and onset was a bit behind her sister.
More lateral branching, and roots fast. Intense on the nose, less sweet peppermint with
underlying body odor funk. I'm having fun with a variety of strains over here so I had to keep em
manageable but at the same time get an idea how each individual grows. Feeding has been basic
chinese rock socks and uric acid ie. A+B with no ph adjustments whatsoever. Minor stress testing has
proven that these seeds can and will endure. Germination has been 100%, about 20% being males.
I have a eucalyptus medicinal menthol smelling male from this line im interested in...really hoping you get around to a smoke report when these are finished... the smells coming from some of these are interesting to say the least... i wont be joining you till mid jan in the pheno hunt, but would love to here what i have to look forward to in this line...


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At 39 days, here's a cut I flipped at about 6 inches after 7 days rooting and 4 days of veg.
Yield wasn't my concern as I'm doing a test run, but I have to say this plant is a breeze to grow.
Was this a test run to see how she would run in a SOG?

Think she passed with the first pics.

Could picture 25 X 2/3 (13 or15cm square) ltr pots crammed with that cut yielding well.