Hi I'm Ken Abbis

Ken Abbis

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Merlin appears as a woodcutter with an axe about his neck, big shoes, a torn coat, bristly hair, and a large beard.
I see why you the Beard of Merlin, it's a mighty fine Beard, quite possibly the most exquisite Beard I have ever seen.

Bit of a personal question, do you have bits of chronic stuck in or on you? any worth picking out and smoking?

After all you are what you smoke, that's why I'm KenAbbis

Ken Abbis

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High High-mish, sorry for the stutter ,.. , i have Tourette's too damn fuck it... how's your garden growing ?

Looks like you'll get good mileage of out this brah!

Just like my last pair of skiddy underpants!

Jokes aside, well...... i Ken Abbis have ben around for over 6000 years already so my chances are looking spectacular. And as i Ken Abbis have ben there for you all so far i will continue to honour our loving relationship so you canna all enjoy KenAbbis for present, future and into infinity.

The Upsetters - Return of Django
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Ken Abbis

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Hey bud, welcome :)
Hey 69, you the magic number! When you "bud welcome", you "welcome bud into your life". Law of attraction , that's why i Ken Abbis am here for you all, you have ben there for me, we're on this special spiritual journey together, forever loyal to one another.

Whats a Deach? 69 goes with Peach but Deach you lost me. Speaking of lost has anyone seen my girlfriend Mary Jane or brother Murray Wanah?

Love is for sure the maxim of law nice one!

I love you all,
Forever yours,
Ken Abbis
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Ken Abbis

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You'll certainly be in a tight squeeze.
Some cavities are not so tight! with some folks, im competing to be up there with other foreign bodies. other folks its definitely a tight squeeze and it is shit because i suffer from claustrophobia and scatophobia... the two conditions combined is called sclaustratophobia

A shitty shituatation to be in!


Yes but it will pass with a movement! Some have made me into a bar stool, not the chair type, the bullion type. I'm wondering how you got the name longball? is it really singular, possibly should've been plural? then why so long? bless up
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Ken Abbis said: "your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to keep.........a fired chicken and gotato n pravy" (or that's what I heard on this spotty network connection)

I accept the mission, SIR, and I will not let you down, SIR! I am already a qualified 'Marksman' on the gotato gun and pravythrower, SIR! Looking forward to firing chickens, SIR! My next door neighbor raises chickens, SIR, so I will not lack ammunition, SIR!
Will operate under code name 'Luca Brasi'. SIR!

Sir Can Abyss, I respectfully thank you for allowing me to accept this mission on the day of your daughter's wedding, SIR!(leans down and kisses Sir Can Abyss's hand)

Hasta la vista baby, SIR!

Undyingly loyal,

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