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Hey Mysterious, Those plants are looking healthy and very much like the lone female I grew out recently. I got my seeds from Shanti and popped 3 to find her. It was apparent to me that if left unchecked this lil' baby would stretch for the roof. I only gave her 2+ weeks from seed then flipped to 11/13. Lst'ed as much as possible keeping the plant at about 18" x 18" when finished. She went about 90 days with trichs mostly cloudy. Super resin production, very pungent hazy, cedar-like aroma. The high is very clear and strong but not racy. It isn't trippy or as visual as I was hoping but still great smoke. Good luck with your grow. Peace, Hop Head

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Hi HopHead Thanks mate. They must be really tough cos I've done plenty to hurt them. Thats music to my ears mate I really want to have a weed that I can function on instead of the couchlock commercial Ive been smoking for years. I read that La Nina is crazy trippy, maybe take a look at that one. I believe its BlackWidow/MullumbimbyMadness.

These are seed plants that were about 8 weeks old when I put them in flowering. Topped the crap out of them while taking clones. They are in a 60/40 mix of sunshine mix and coir. They are gonna need to be tied down pretty soon.

I love hops too. Its interesting how closely related they are to Cannabis and that they too are capable of a massive range of variety of aromatics. I also really like sour beer. Unfortunately I need to limit the amount of beer I drink due to stomach problems. Probably a good thing in the long run.
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For Sheer Inspiration I Think MNS Super Silver Haze Gives Off An Energetic High

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Thanks for the tip on potentially more trippy strains. I have grown some nice La Nina flowers before and they are pretty darn special that's for sure. Definitely energetic and complex in its effects...Mango Haze has some very special phenos as well. Nev's haze has been the most psychedelic in it's effects for sure. That stuff can put you on another planet. I guess I was hoping for a pheno of this cross to be the perfect combo of trippy, stoney, energetic, flavorful and good yielding:). Not much to ask right? Shanti and Nevil have dialed it all in there if you look for it. I'll have to pop some more of those beans in the near future to find that special gem. Hop Head

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Things are coming along Mysterious...sorry to say that I haven't any pics of my garden. I guess I've been too paranoid about that sort of thing. Hats off to those who like yourself are willing to put that out there for others to appreciate. Maybe in the near future...

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Hey Mysterious, what's up mate? Hope all is well with you and your lovely plants. Those ladies of yours look more like Nevilles Hz than my 1 lady did. They must be looking very pretty nowadays. You must be close to the finish line by this time and hopefully they turn out to be stellar. Give us another peek at your handy work if you can. Cheers, Hop Head
They look great MB, all of them. However, i'm really digging number 3's structure. She's a stunner!

These were and still are my longest flowering strain. I wrapped mine up at 21-22 weeks. So i know where your coming from ;)

How's L33t doing? Miss his contributions round here......nice to know he's still about though :)

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P.s. Just re-read your post and noticed that you think no3 is the crappiest looking one lmfao :D It's true then, beauty IS in the eye of the beholder.
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