Hey guys! Pheno Q's and pics of week5


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Hey All! My god..so I got these beans in a charity fundraiser and this strain has just fucking blown me away with the incredible fresh pinesoley lemony goodness, and not to mention the amount of spears..I'm not 100% sure what the pheno's of this strain are..I think sifting through the forums I saw there are like 5? I think I have a more..well fuck I don't know..but they're spears at 5 weeks ..see pics :)

And Shantibaba and Howard are absolutely the truth..many thanks!:):D


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Those buds are coming along nicely! Lemony pinesoley smells, eh? I hope you kept a clone, that sounds awesome.

Thanks for sharing and keep us updated with how she finishes!

Stay hazed

PaPa J

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If you find a gold pheno keep it. You'll know it when you find it. It stinks and it will be lighter greenish gold in color. At first you may want to feed it a quick shot of nitrogen because it seems pale and nutrient deficient. But it is just the color. You'll figure it out. These plants are great to grow they are pretty tough and the smoke is mellow relaxing and will put a smile on your face. They are also great in breeding projects. If you are a fan of old school flavors this one will float your boat.