Hello Keeper, are you out there?


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Inspired from my last trip to the Dam and the outstanding Mango Haze I bought, I decided to buy some Mango Widow to fulfill my and my brothers wish. Here I will show them one after another or some together as my space allows (small scale grower - my growing "facilities" include a small vegging cabinet with 54W fluoros and a bloom cabinet with a 150-275W switchable hps - sizes are 1 by 2,5 ft and 2 ft high for the veg and 2 by 3 ft and 6 ft high for the bloom cabinet)

In the first row I put 6 seeds in moist towels till they cracked and planted them directly into litemix. 5 of them spotted light but one died - growers fault, shit happens. All looked healthy so I took cuttings from the tops after the 4th node. They rooted quite fast: 8-10 days, in my set up my keeper (satori,ortega,bubble gum) usually take 10-14 days.
One plant is really different. The growth structure is much more branchy than the others, roots faster, grows faster and stronger though it is definitely as much sativa as the others. I hope it is a special plant but it could be only a skunk leaning pheno - let's see, the plant is in the flower cabinet since 3 days after I vegged the plant for another 3 weeks and another round of cuttings.

Pictures and more details will follow soon, the batteries for the cam are still charging and I don't know what difficulties with the upload I will encounter...