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Thanks for the reply. Several on site are currently growing 5Hz, myself included so morphological comparisons are possible by looking at each others journals. TBH and for obvious reasons ;) I have more confidence in the MNS version as regards potency etc. but hv not grown the tropical for outright objective comparison. So snap those pics and let’s see and good luck with your grow.

P.S. it wud b great if you had an MNS pack to do the comparison.



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i also have 4 started called ud ( ultra dog) there regulars but this one is a female
heres a description of how the ud strain was started
In 1999 my old lady's son was and still is friends with one of the biggest commercial growers in So Cal. He gave me two clones of Original Clone Only O.G. Kush and two clones of M.K. Ultra. Over the next two years I crossed the two to makke Ultra O.G. Then Purple Urkiel hit and every buddy went Purple Crazy, so I ordered some Aurora Indica from Amsterdam and bread that in to the Ultra O.G. to make my personal strain Aurora Ultra. Then in 2006 I was given five ChemDawg 91 X Soma NYCD ( New York City Desiel ) seeds, all those seeds turned out to be male. One of the male plants was the most beautifully semetric plants I have ever seen. I was like the most beautiful 4 ft tall X-Mas tree you ever seen. I took that plant and put it in my dining room Bay window and let it make pollen. Then I pollenated one branch of every strain I had going at the time. Grape Ape, Jack Herer, Aurora Ultra, a really bitchen Unknown, and some others I cant think of right now. I ended up with a shit lode of seeds I will never use all of, so I mailed some to different friends on 420 of which xxxxx was one of. At the time xxxxx was growing Landrace only. He took the seeds I sent him and crossed in the two different Landrace strains. So all the lineage in the UD's are straight up Original Old School Refer. When xxxxx says Chem phenom or O.G. phenom that just means they haven't been back crossed for stabilization. So you never know for sure how any one seed will be. So like UD Chem means that plant is more like ChemDawg then O.G. Kush phenom or the Deisel phenom. Unless DSC_0011.JPG