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hello im new on this sight but i heard about some extreme haze from tropical was going on over here and im very interested in them i currently have two going in a 5x5 tent under two budget r spec 330 and there doing well how about a few pics of them!
this is the middle and a couple bud pics ok i tried its telling me the upload s to large.


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Hey stickman2006
Haze is a fickle creature generally reserved for old and new dogs who have educated themselves into the ways of
“Equatorial Sativas”
The photo period of the 20 degree band around the planet is the equatorial region
(10 degrees above/10degrees below the equator )
of this planet has a very simple but important photo period that is unlike anywhere else on the planet.
It is also where the vast majority of high drug strains come from.
The haze here at Mr Nice for the most part comes from 2 males
A and C
A is dead and gone but his offspring make great strong sinsemilla .
C is alive and well as far as I’ve heard. And make some of the most famous varieties on the planet.
Dive in buddy.☝
Robert C Clark
Marijuana Botany is the book you want to read if you are serious about the plant.