HAY....Watts growing on ear????


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Hell, I'll pick a pack up Shanti and start them as soon as they arrive...



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I want this one for certain!

Maybe Shanti will chime in and clue us all in.....

I love the two used for the cross. Should be a huge winner!!!!!

Thanks for the input guys.



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It is listed at THCBay.

Are they ligit???? Or... are these someones F2's trying to cash in on Shanti's hard work?



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Hi All

this strain is available from me via pm or by vu du or gypsy or doc....and it is a strain needing some experience with Hazes....but when it comes out right you will be most satisfied...I assure you.All the best Sb


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hey all,yeah i really can,t understand why there,s no reports around for this one! the genetics involved in this cross are sure to produce some amazing results!
i can understand some staying away from her because of so much haze influence,but no matter ,i think this would most definatly be worth the effort,i will definatly be giving this one a go in the near future!
i,m mainly thinking of the flavours,i am sure many elites will be had from these genetics,can,t wait to see some results,anyway,take care guys...sensient

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hello all,

Does anyone know when this strain is due to finish? The blurb on its page kinda cuts out before mentioning expected finishing time.

Angel Heart finishes around beginning October. Is this one the same?

If it is then what the hell? So much Haze and it finishes that early? With no 'early californian' genetic in sight? That is nothing short of Superb.

I can't decide what to grow in next year's greenhouse - it has to be haze, 50% would be better than 25%. That leaves Afghan Haze (mid-end October) ; Early Skunk/Haze (beg-mid October) ; Nev's Skunk (ok it only 37.5% haze, never mind, it sounds lovely anyway!) (mid-end Oct) and Angel's Breathe (unknown).

Anyone got any experience with this one? If it is beg-mid Oct then I will go with this one for sure. Besides, it looks like it needs a grow report or two on here...This could totally change my view on what to grow in the greenhouse. (I may have to update my greenhouse post!)

Thanks in advance