Happy Family


2021 COE Winner
I still have until November so I’d like a member consensus on this particular plant.
Do you think I should enter the main cola into my first ever Cannabis Cup?
It’s a first ever local and legal event and I’d really like to get out the word.
Mr Nice Seedbank
“The proof is in the seeds”
Why not .. would.love to hear how well it does. It ticks your boxes so it may sway the judges as well. She is a beauty.


2022 COE Winner
These G13AC sisters have been push hard and have really performed well.
Currently day48 of flower . 30 days at 12.5 dark and 13 hrs dark for 18 days.
Very suitable for ebb n flow tables running cutting. Will most likely cut day 50 or so.
If you get these let them root well before inducing flowers and you should have a great yield.
Not recommended for outdoor flowers in N America.
Excellent indoor response to light change. Feeds heavy with no burn.
Insect resistant to a point. Nice lemon lime skunk aroma sneaking out of the room.
Next report will be harvest and smoke report.
Onward ☝️


2022 COE Winner
Aloha nui and mahalo
Pearl Harbor day
“As I sat here and enjoyed the fine herbs and luxurious single malt. I shared my thoughts of old with close friends in remembrance of those who have gone ahead to light the way…”

G13HazeAC has very euphoric properties
It was a fun grow that reacted well and quickly to indoor growing conditions.
The herb can be mind altering when over indulged so use in moderation.
I see no reason why anyone growing indoors wouldn’t want to try it.
Sinsemilla mas fina.
I harvested at day 60 13/11 . I will recommend staying at 12 /12 until ready to ripen flowers.
Skunkymusky Lemon lime aroma.
We will revisit this girl again soon come…