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Another good use for the trim bin.
Collecting pollen.
This is all I will keep the girls are enjoying the sunshine and will be brought inside as the nights cool.
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What a great idea… !! Will be using this in the future for sure! The brush that comes with the bin would also be awesome for dusting buds with the pollen once collected!
Monsoon season in the high desert right after fire season too…flooding thru the land
The girls have taken the weather in stride and will finish indoor.
600 hps, fan and a timer how simple is that!
G13AC is growing like an indica for the most part. 12/12 photo period, canna coco nutrients
12.5 dark hrs.
12.5 mls per gal Canna coco A,B + additives as per feed chart.
Humidity about 55% <monsoon season >
high temperatures about 79 degrees
low temperature about 71 degrees
Medium/Canna Coco
“Shine on you crazy diamonds”

Hello all,
I’ve been fighting covid along with my wife and it’s been a real challenge.
I will update soon.
I will say the girls are doing great , extremely resinous. The aroma is similar to limon and sweaty socks. 😂
Update soon come.
Get well soon . At least you still have your sense of smell.
Thank you
In all honesty my smeller is kind of subjective.
I had red chile posole last night and I couldn’t taste or smell it like I should.
I will harvest a small but very resinous Critical Widow ( only 2.75 feet tall) solid flowers.
On a sad note a 6 ft NL5HZCMK has been lost to bore worms like last years flo.
I need to address this proper before next season.
The plant is a pink hair duplicate of NL5HZC 😫
Highly suited for ebb n flo tables
8-10” cuttings and a sea of green.
30 days in bloom today
Switched to 13 dark hrs to finish the sisters
The resin is killing it!
I have a feeling this shit is gonna be da shit!
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I still have until November so I’d like a member consensus on this particular plant.
Do you think I should enter the main cola into my first ever Cannabis Cup?
It’s a first ever local and legal event and I’d really like to get out the word.
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