Growing La Niña outdoors


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In the states, just started some La Niña seeds and I’m looking for any advice you all might have or stories to tell. If you’re familiar with it, we are in zone 8b. Thanks in advance.


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If you sowed them late in season, they will stay rather short. Most build very open or wierd tropical flower looking, with some special scents, some more sweet, some burnt rubber and unpleasant foulness. Not like Chems, but more nausea inducing. They have to reach maturity to throw off those scents a bit and becoming more lemon, carrots, peppery'n'sweet haze. I sowed a bunch, probably 30, also some Kronocaine (Amnesia Haze cut x Sannie Herijuana, didn't label any, annoyingly enough, I think some are Amnesia Haze dom, or else they resemble each other in some ways, perhaps by genetic relation?
Very special plants, quick to grow and finish, which is extraordinary when taking the high into account, pretty good yield in most, some are very minor yielding, a bract here and there, great smoke non the less - and the effects, again; wierd and very long lasting - very clear and noticibly high, with a laid back body effect, not heavy, but enough to also chill and ease the pains.
Especially one are standing out, will get a pic. It reminds me of l33ts resinous La Niña, another is rather chunky, heavier yield, the flowers are light fluffy to the touch, there's bounce to the ounce here. Some are heavier in bracts, some have thinly walled bracts = more bounce
They like it better directly in the ground, they just loved it.
Very high pest and fungi resistance! So so important.
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