Grower Awards


Breeder and moderator
Actually since 2 years and these covid restrictions our aim at MNS changed to go back to helping individuals rather than seed distributors and shops if there was something i can be honest about. I also went back to helping out in the organisation of things and Sara has done a stellar job in btn all the difficulties she face 1st year out of home and in lockdown Australia. Mu has been exceptional as a moderator, photographer, grower and general advisor to so many passionate growers and members...oh and Kristian our machine man who is calm and quiet but busy behind security and implementing new formats well as sorting out all backups and these are the bones of our work and all are truly better than money can buy as they do it because they care. Of course I cannot mention all the behind the scenes growers all of whom have been with me over 15-20 yrs....and to the CBD Angels....Line and Liz. The common factor is we all worked together tightly for over a decade....most at least. So just wanted our members to know I am several parts of a large chain that makes it all happen. Once you realize you have the same people around you for so long...without changing only getting rid of the parasites and useless, you realise how good it can be when a team works in synchronicity. By the way it is our members who really pack the punch in the work we do as they are our visible you see MNS went back to quality in all we do not quantity in serving everyone. Not sure why i got on this rant but expect I am happy that all parts of our sum are wonderful individuals deserving my praise! Bless you and thank you back to work.....haha.!!!!!!!
All the best Shantibaba