Grover's SSH selection grow from seed


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Well you are certainly swimming in da kine. Very impressed with your grow and envious- imagining popping those jars in the coming months! Aloha bra!



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The Chosen Plant? Ha ha that sounds like a biblical prophecy would you describe the aroma Grover?

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it does sound a bit biblical - then again this plant probably deserves it - she is huge!

Aromas are on the sativa side - so more perfumes than smells - very floral, sweet and soapy with a pepper background which comes out more when you brush against the plant than when you 'sticky nose' a bud.
It is a lovely smell. Not stinky, just lovely.
The other sativa is very similar but with a more vanilla type floral aroma and slightly smellier. The one which is to come down soon (fat skunk looking buds but with a NL style central cola..) smells very strong compared to the sativas.
The one already down (skunk shaped plant and flower style but NL looking buds and resin) smelt very much of NL. just sweet (maybe honey) but subdued in the flower room. It is stinking out the drying room already, just a few days after snip, though. NL smells all the way... I've been calling it the skunk pheno because of the shape of the plant and flower clusters but it seems more NL when you look at and smell the [nearly] finished article...
Looking good, GS! I remember growing out the ssh and your floral peppery description is spot on for my favorite plant when I ran this strain years ago. I hope you've found your keeper. Got any Mango Haze going this year? I got 5 starts hardening up outside right now myself! I love me some Mango Haze.


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Hey Hempers,

Yes, the taste hasn't change over the years - floral, soap, pepper

This is still the original stylee!

As it happens, I DO have some Mango Haze going on. 18 little seedlings hardening up waiting for the flip.

I'll find the best sativas in there and then do a SSH vs MH fight off (if all goes to plan..) !!

I'm going to do these 2 SSH plants (the 2 haze phenos) and the Mexican in the greenhouse this year...along with my own Skunk cross (John Candy Skunk) which, as you can imagine, is on the sativa side of the skunky spectrum... it contains 4 different Skunks (including the Las Vegas Lemon Skunk) and a tiny bit of an award winning AK47 cut.

I'll probably find space for the best Mango Haze, too...

It's just great to grow sativas in the greenhouse, especially ones like these.


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The NL5/Haze hazy pheno (with dense buds) is harvested!
She broke the main stem a couple of days ago due to heavy top cola wobble.

Here are a few photos:


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a couple more

all the branches started flopping over

nice and ready

who's hiding behind there?

It took exactly 12 weeks to finish (seedling) which should be 10 weeks (or so) from cutting

the smell is subtle at the moment. Floral, soapy, a little bit fruity and underneath everything, peppery..

dry flower photos and smoke test to come


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The other haze plant (the skunk/haze pheno) is down! I would have taken photos but my memory card doesn't seem to work anymore.. there is nothing on it but no spare memory (?)

anyway... it also broke the main stem and I didn't even grove this one that much..

It is not as tight and dense and chosen1 but it is much more resinous and far more stinky... floral, soap and sweetness. pepper background.....fantastic smells, for sure... this could be the new chosen1...maybe chosen2?

I will have to see how the smoke tests go and maybe do a rerun of these 2 haze girls side by side again.

They'll have to wait until after the mango haze grow. I've grown a few mango hazes and I know they smell lovely but I'll have to find 1 special fucking plant to beat this SSH for smell... and it definitely won't beat this SSH for yield (although yield is a secondary consideration, it is still a consideration...)

It is hard to guess on just harvested bud for weights, especially if you have not grown her before but my judgement is a 9 bar - easy...time will tell.

Smoke report and dry bud photos to follow soon.