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Joe King Park

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Very Nice;) ( Plants And GSD )
Is Doggy making Fertiliser In Image Two Or Is That Just Basil Brush , Lol ?:D
Wait Til I Get Me Waders On ;)
Jogrow Risin


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them pics are amazing ...job well done Grover Sativa, them plants are loving their life.

them leaves look stunning , how big are they?
how big are them leaves.?
What mixture u make for soil?

Im deffo hanging around for this big lady to show us her goods! lol
forget trimming scissors, your gonna need a hedge

Excellent job , Mr_ReD wishing you all the best with em, and all your plants in your lovely garden.


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Looking stellar Grover, very nice pics and plants. Beautiful pooch as well, reminds me of a childhood friend. All the best , wish you a bumper harvest. :) Ale.

Billy Liar

Wowzer, great british summer time's been good to them...
Good stuff Groover.

party invite coming you way later...;)

Grover Sativa

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Wow! Thanks guys.

Very kind of you.

The soil is just re-used soil from my indoor crops over the last year. Light-mix, All-mix and Plant-Magic (a UK company.)

I threw in a tiny handful of Grow-more and a small amount of bone-meal. That's it.

The trick is to dig MASSIVE holes for them. These girls got about 130litre holes.

I fertilised with Root-Juice for the first 2 or 3 times.
For the initial month or so of vegging I used Bio-Grow and AlgaMic.
From about the second week of July onwards it's just Fish-Mix.
I will stick to Fish-Mix until I decide I don't want any more Nitrogen. Maybe a month into flowering.
At that point I will change to Bio-Bloom and use it with Alga-Mic and Top-Max.
I don't use Bio-Heaven or Enzymes outdoors as they are far far far far far far far too expensive and not really needed at all.

To be honest, I don't think the nutes are important. You could get the same results with Baby-Bio. I know.
The most important thing is to dig a BIG BIG hole. Then double it!
The soil is not important. Any pre-mixed soil (intended for cannabis) is good. Just re-use your indoor soil (pull out as many roots as you can first.)

Also - In the ground, I don't alternate between pure water and feeds. I just feed a low concentrate at every water (maybe once or twice a week.)
I have tried the alternating thing but it seems the RO water just washes the goodness out of the soil. In pots, obviously, this can't happen as there is nowhere for anything to go (- so long as you don't have water gushing out of the bottom of the pot...)

One more thing - shelter, in the UK, from winds is paramount for a decent crop. NOTHING else matters as much. Forget placing your plants in the sunniest position if it isn't sheltered there...

Good Luck