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Hello everyone,

I planted a packet of these recently - just to see how they go.

I didn't take any cuts (for mothers) as the mother room is full of Nev's Haze and Kali Mist right now but if there is anything that smells special or takes my fancy then I suppose I could re-veg...

There is not a lot of useful information about this strain on the net so I thought it just might be useful to somebody if I noted down a few thoughts as I go.

First off, my thoughts were of the greenhouse this summer. I've done skunk/haze in the greenhouse many a time, with reasonable to good success. I have also had some success with Early Pearl crosses in the past. This Early Pearl Skunk/Haze finishes a week or 2 before skunk/haze might and outdoors, that can be useful.

I was also thinking that any 50% haze that finishes in 8 weeks or early October is extremely useful indeed.

So, practical applications as well as a love for Skunk/Haze led my decision making here.

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NEWSFLASH - Just got a triple yoker from one of my chickens. Had it poached on toast whilst typing that first bit!


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OK, back to the plants.

I planted 18 seeds. Got 18 seedlings and 11 females. (I know. 'Bout time, too.)
So, 1 pack, less than £50, including postage (I think anyway) and 11 females to choose from.

Fantastic so far.

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I noted than this strain is not supposed to stretch much on flowering, so I vegged my plants for a few weeks, until they were strong and had maybe 4-6 pairs of branches on them.

Then I flipped 'em, waited for females and repotted them into 35litre pots.

I fed them only rain water and nothing else at this stage.

I expected them to stretch a bit (maybe like an indica, 2X or 3X) they weren't really that tall when I put them in. In fact, I was worried about wether they would be too small when they finally stopped growing and started flowering.

After all, it clearly states that indoors would need a good vegging to get going.

This is a lesson in considering ALL the facts before going for a strain.

Whatever the blurb says, 50% haze is 50% haze (and not genetically, like SSH or Mango but this actually has a pure haze parent, as opposed to 2 haze hybrid parents..)

Of my 11 females, I have 2 that are about 8 feet, 5 that are over 6 feet and 4 at about 4 feet. They have all started flowering a few weeks ago. They started quickly and abruptly for 50% haze hybrids.

1 plant (about 6 or 7 feet tall and beautifully shaped and vigorous) has the only flowers that smell at this point. It is a citric kinda funky spicy thing at the moment. This is obviously my favourite plant so far.

About the 8-10 week thing.... I would say (though I may be very surprised) that HALF of my plants will go over 10 weeks 1 or 2 will go 12 or more, I think...

The branches are long and very broadly angled (some are virtually horizontal) and even the small skunkier ones have a distinctly hazy look to them. The buds are all quite fluffy looking so far.

This is going to turn into an indoor "head-stash" grow, I can feel it. The plants are not all that practical at all. They are very tall and stretchy but they did start promptly and fully.

I am very much enjoying what is turning out to be a fascinating and fun grow. I am hoping for a wide variety of smells to enjoy.

I have started feeding lightly with some grow and bloom as well as some cal/mag supplements and some carbs (low levels at this stage.) The plants have grown vigorously and have LOVED the pure rain water but I don't want them to tire - they are large, after all and have been sprinting up to this point...

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My memory didn't serve me well. All but 1 are 6ft or over. The other is a runt at 4ft. These could be very sativa leaning for 50/50s (I hope.)

The EPSkunk side should provide for a quick finish so let's wait and see just how long they take.. but when I see sativas like that I think 12/13 weekers, usually...

High vigour, low odour so far. They look very healthy. They are stretchy. Classic Skunk/Haze, really. I hope they smoke like classic Skunk/Haze!

I could really see these growing in a MASSIVE pot, in a big ol' greenhouse - or outdoors, in the ground.. but I wouldn't want to 'by-hand' one of these monsters.

Let's hope the smells pick up. It's early days yet but 1 or 2 are starting to release aromas.
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Thanks Billy

I've missed you!

All is well - I'm a Dad now! (maybe not quite ALL - I'm married, too, but you've gotta take the rough with the smooth..)

I hope you're well. Are you still plumbing together the second best hydro grows in England? (Heath Robinson's grows still blow my mind..)

You smoking at the moment? (Kids and work allowing)
Hey bro,

Congrats on the fatherhood, and commiserations on the marriage lol...

Yeah missed you too, must have been a couple of years now hey? Twas an exodous...

Running nft for the last year or so, prob the first time I've use a system not made be me lol... But works well and practical.. Of course its modified tho, auto top up etc.... Old heath set the bar high, second place is OK though hehee...

Yes smoking, got a cut we've called pineapple haze for years, but as its from sonic he's recently id'd it as a lemon pursang, its a nice yielder, quite sativa in effect and a lovely hazey aroma, some leather scent imo so I'd guess at some haze a in the original haze in the breed...

But yeah work and kids still let's me have a few evening joints..

Good to chat mate, you still got my email Addy?


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Quick update - the flowers are coming along very well now. They are creamy, mostly round and fluffy. Some are building into spear-like colas.

They are actually growing pretty fast now.

Because of the plants open structure and near horizontal branches (except in just 2 cases, where the branches are much tighter and the structure is more single cola dominant..) the fluffy buds are filling right down the branch to the centre of the plant. It would probably be right down to the bottom of the plant too if they weren't so tightly packed in...

The internode length is long in most cases but 1 or 2 with shorter internodes have fluffy buds growing one after the other right down the length of their branches. I like these particular 1 or 2 plants a lot!

Because of the fluffy nature of the flowers, the open structure of the plants, the long internode lengths and the overall vigour, I could really imagine growing these outdoors or in the greenhouse. Moulds wouldn't be a problem and haze loves the cold, too. Keep it out of the wind (skunks always go leafy in the wind..) and I reckon you could be harvesting a whole massive pile of hazy loveliness. Early to mid October is mind blowing. I think maybe the height could be controlled by keeping the temps down (mine got a little hot at the start) and growing clones instead of from seed.

The aromas are now coming from almost all of the plants and it is pretty uniform.
There is not really any citric left now. If there ever was much.
Almost all of the flowers posses that sweet/sour kinda peppery(ish) haze smell that any skunk/haze lovers will recognise straight away. It is actually very pleasant and I know that if the smoke is sweet then that type of flavour is fantastic. I must be careful with the feeding. Not much on the skunk side of the flavour spectrum, really.

So far, classic Skunk/Haze, really, just a little quicker off the mark. It is billed as a well balanced indica/sativa and I would say that it is VERY well balanced - WAY towards the sativa side, that is. Maybe it is just this years batch or maybe it is just my garden or techniques (failures?) that are making them seem that way. Unfortunately I have no indicas in the room to use as a benchmark.

RIP Rik Mayall - funny guy.
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See how crowded the grow room has become? It was not supposed to be like this <sigh>

The shorter plant in the front (it is on a platform) is a beautiful Kali Mist


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A close up of a bud on the skunkier side (shape-wise)
The aroma is the same on this as it is on the others, at the moment anyway...


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This delicate collection of flowers is from a plant on the hazier side of the spectrum. It is also a little behind the others (maybe 6 days..)

The plant is actually shorter but this could be because it didn't have the best place in the Vegging room (Due to the high female:male ratio, I had a few plants more than I expected..) or it could be a lack of vigour.

It is still over 5ft tall

The aroma is not quite there yet but seems as the others, so far.

See the resin already covering the leaf stalk?

This plant is at about 4 weeks of flowering.


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OK, the aromas are starting to develop now. Different fruity/skunky/hazey tones.
It's interesting and nice.

The most interesting pheno is one which has really small buds. There are no colas, even at the top, just round buds. The yield is small. These buds are easily the most resinous of all of the plants. Also, the branches are really small compared to the other plants and they are really floppy. They can't even hold the tiny buds on this plant. The smell is really nice, easily the best of the lot. Sharp lemon. It is the smallest yielding, most annoyingly structured, most resinous and best smelling. It's one for me and me alone!!

I have seen a pheno like this one in the Critical Haze. Small yield, no colas, REALLY resinous, really Lemony smelling and short, floppy arms. It smoked really, really well!! I sent that pheno to a friend in Amsterdam and his friends all LOVED IT. As far as I know they are still growing it today, years later...

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they're coming along well. The first signs of maturing have appeared on 1 or 2 plants. A few red pistils here and there.

I only ended up keeping the most advanced 8 as I just didn't have room for all of them without compromising on too much else.

Of these 8, 4 are far more resinous than the other 4. Of the 4 resinous plants I would keep at least 2 for further analysis. All the plants smell of haze to varying degrees but none smell as good as the best Nev's Haze growing next to them. They are just not as sweet. The best Mango Haze taste is in a different league. This is one thing you lose to gain the early finish and quick start. Still, they are all pleasant.
Yields look good but not great. Still, I reckon with cunning selection and a honing in of the grow style required, you could just about get it up to commercial quantities.

That said, indoors, if I had the then time I'd always go for a shorter flowering Nev's Haze instead or, for commercial, Master Kaze or Critical Haze. In the greenhouse, you could easily go for a normal Skunk Haze or even SSH / Mango or NL5/Haze, Kali Mist...

It's outdoors that this strain would really come into it's own, I guess. It has a really quick start ... These were put in at the same time as 4 Nev's Haze's. Of these, 1 has not even really started yet (it's just thinking about it..) whereas 1 or 2 of the ESH's are just beginning their FINISH!!!

They honestly look like versions of Nev's Haze but with their own style (if you know what I mean..) you can tell they are 2 version of the same thing... but you could NEVER grow a Nev's Haze outdoors where I am. Not even on the greenhouse. ESH could easily do either. So there are compromises but they allow you to actually have a haze plant outdoors.

Early plants always involve compromises but these are definitely a version of Haze (unlike, say, Mango Haze or SSH, which have their own vibes..)

But how will they finish and what will they smoke like?


Ps - you can tell how popular a strain is by how many visitors a grow log gets. I guess this is just not a fashionable strain but I'm not really so surprised.
It's a shame, though - I think I would go for this over Walkabout every time.
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