G13Skunk low germination


I'm pretty sure with ongoing legalization seed vendors will soon go extinct or VERY few will be left over.

It just makes no sense because you always get better or equal prices at the breeders directly.
Some of them don't sell directly but that is rather rare and with some business skills and ability to barter they will usually still sell to you directly.

They have all their strains available and you can be sure (or more sure) that the stock is fresh.

Seedboutique is probably a good example.
I mean IC Mag stands on its shoulders, its one of the older and more reputable vendors but their stock is obviously very old in many cases, their prices are all weird and they don't answer emails in a timely fashion.

I think a bunch of those seed vendors "run on auto pilot".

Everytime I see someone mention how they "always buy from the attitude" or herbies or sth I facepalm...
Sure you had good experiences with them. But you pay a premium for nothing, it's not like they will help you better with germ problems or anything than the breeders directly...

And don't get me started on all the times I find out that seeds are sold in packs of 12 or 13 by the breeders and then you check out all those seed vendors like seedboutique, attitude or herbies and find out they sell the seeds in packs of 10.....
But of course "all original and in the breeder's packaging".

Your compensation? 1 feminized auto seed of some shit tier breeder with shit tier genetics.
Please ...