G13BW High Expectations 2011


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Almost 48 hours no reply from shanti..
Guess I'm shit outta luck....:confused:
i would recommend you pm when he's online if you get the chance Cabron. i had a similar problem a year or so ago. trouble is if you pm then someone else dose. your put the back of the list when you should be top.:rolleyes: i once waited 2 month for a reply it's not that Shanti's ignoring you it's just your constantly being pushed to the bottom of the pm list. you can imagine how meany people pm him here. considering the little time he has to spend on here. he's always been a fair man in my experience with dealing with him. it might be hard catching him online but it will be your best bet imoa mate.;)


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Shanti is currently in Spain so he's not on the forum as much as he has been the last few weeks...it took me a lil over a week to get a pm back, give him time and he'll get back to you...best of luck