G13 x Widow my keepers

hi there MNS!

i thought i'd share some pix and info on my 2 keeper phenos that i selected from a packet of this strain.
i call them the 'indi' and the 'satty', respectively. very imaginative, i know.
i purchased this line at the attitude and stored them for about 6 months before using them. i killed the first 7 or 8 seedlings by using poor quality coco, but eventually found these two keepers.
this is my first clone run after flowering out the seed mums. they are grown in coco, using canna coco nutes @1200ppm, ph 5.9 to 6.1. rhizotonic and cannazym is used during transplant only. they are happy drinkers, not fussy at all.




i took the indi pheno to 10 weeks of 12/12 the first time, the satty to 11.
these pix are all around 8.5-9 wks of flowering. the flush has begun.
i have a poor sense of smell, but both plants have a smelly sock thing going on- something unpleasant, yet good in a cannabis kinda way, if that makes sense:confused: the satty is less pungent, with a hint of onion maybe.

cuttings rooted easily, i flipped them @ 8 inches/20 cm tall, the indi roughly doubles in size, the satty stretches more, 3 x at least. both responded well to pinching/super cropping; i'd like to try running the satty on a vertical screen, i'd imagine she would do really well this way.




i really like that both phenos finish from the bottom up.
the smoke is quite good in both. the indi has, surprise surprise, a lot more bottom to the effect. some of my buddies that call themselves drinkers, not potheads, reported that this one made them slow down their drinking quite drastically; they just didn't wanna. FWIW.
i prefer the mellower high of the satty. plenty of stone, but also plenty of high to cruise thru the day with. really nice day time, walk in the sunshine, happy weed.
a little too much of the indi, (in my case 3 vapor bags worth...) and you better have a couch, bed or bean bag near by-you will pass out! definitely some 'oompf' here!!

i'd like to thank Shantibaba and MNS for the genetics, totally worth a try for those who've been thinking about a G13 cross from MNS.

happy growing,

PS- i don't log in that often, but i will respond to any questions or comments eventually...
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Wow. Looks amazing.. Thanks for sharing!!
G13w made my face numb a while back. A smoke I'll never forget.