G13 X Haze in the Tropics


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Looking real nice resinbud, please keep the thread updated I really want to see that plant in full flower!


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Update πŸ‰

Hi everyone appreciate you checking out my new �� She is a beauty and pictures taken from a distance in order to show size as the up close and personal end of it is Spectacular!

This is definitely the girl to look for as her smells to answer a few question are creamy with the smell of Frankensence that is not mistaken very intense, but nothing that so far will get attention with skunk stink more fresh kind of smell.

I did have a few more seed mommas I put out as well same time as the �� and the heavy downpours caused serious mold issues with indica hybrid all the buds were beautiful at the start and got destroyed by the major storms ��

This Sativa G13 x Haze is the one for wet areas the others with high humidity won't survive so let's all hope with this great one start flowering should make a difference with summer about to end.

This thread will definitely get finished for your enjoyment, Thanks everyone for stopping by this is Exciting!


���� Ten Feet Under in the tropics
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Hurricane Irma πŸ™ˆ

Hi everyone, P Jennings nice of you to stop by and made it your first stop Sure hope this Monster survived the storm as presently evacuated for last two weeks.
Assessing possible problems:
1.) Flooding
2.) No electricity
3.) Little food and water
4.) Lost all my prized Mommas
All MNS. hoping for the best
5.) No Gas for generator
6.) Most of the house roofs taken off.
7.) No phone service
If and when I go back and hopefully soon, I will give you all an answer if she survived, and if not will start some more, hopefully the one Monster will give me a clone.

More to come all my threads will be completed πŸ€“ hehe, I promise, also with my new camera .



Ten feet under in the tropics 🌴🍌


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Oh no Brother RB sounds just awful...im glad tjat you are safe.. I hope things turn out to be better than you expect. If you have lost all of your moms drop us a line I would be more than happy to send you a few seed packs to get you started again..my prayers are with you and yours. Many blessings


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Sorry to hear. Seems many of us have lost moms this year. Here's hoping it will sort out soon for you. Prayers and blessings your way brother.



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Irma was BAD πŸ™ˆ

Hi everyone thank you so much for your prayers and offers is very much appreciated and sincere.πŸ€— Professorjj thanks for your kind offer all I have is MNS multiple packs so well taken care of and appreciated.

Musashi, I had one clone Momma G13 x Haze put outside before evacuating, put a strong stake in the 5 gallon container I will share soon Survived and gave me one fresh clone shoot and very nice was cut and cloned so the Swamp Monster Lives and will share soon looks very fast and healthy πŸ‰

Marcus in the Darkas, thanks very much for your interest with my threads and appreciate your interest in what I do. Thank You

More to come allot in store list all my other clones, so will have something very special soon as I can.

Many thanks storm was rough🌊



Ten Feet Under In The Tropics 🌴🍌


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Lost the Monster πŸ‰ clone 😩

Hi everyone πŸ€“

I lost the clone provided to me by a clone momma set out before evacuation from Irma, it’s the one I showed around the pool was the one put out.

Well, she gave me a cutting and since cut on my return, she did not root and lost her.

Much more to come I assure you in the future with G13 x Haze with three packs to go through, so thanks for stopping by.☺️



Ten feet under in the Tropics 🌴🍌


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Glad you're OK brother. Don't mess with Mother Nature! Glad to hear you're keeping with the project. G13Haze is on my bucket list.