g13 widow yeild


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"so i guess my question is, is g13 x widow a bad yielder? "

i actually have grown some of these. i killed most seedlings because of errors, but 3 phenos finished. a 'widow'-type pheno; smallish yield (personal fav though...), ...a mixed-hybrid pheno, decent yield, but i didn't fancy the smoke (my friends did though...) and a good yielding, but average-looking, leafy, kind-of-middle of the road-type smoke -mainly g13/sk leaning pheno.

so, from someone who's actually grown them, you will find yield.

you will definitely find good smoke, regardless of yield...

how many seeds is in a gram?? you'll get something worthwhile methinks... good luck


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As with many hybrid varieties, re:yield, can you say selection? I thought you could. :)

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hi folks

i got a gram of these form the cleaning auctions.

readng the strains descprition just now i noticed expected yeild is 350-450g/sqm, whereas everythin else in the mns catalogue is listed as at least 450g/sqm to 600g/sqm and even 800g/sqm for some of the critical strains.

so i guess my question is, is g13 x widow a bad yielder?
You answered your question in the first post it's a mid range yielder obviously don't have shit on Critical Mass. The breeder would know more than anyone else and he tells you the yield. You could do better though just depends on the grower.