g13 widow...week 4

Germed three seeds a while back, three girls came up.

Short, compact, and just fine in 1 gallon pots (coco). I'll post more pics when they're close to being done.


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Excellent choice Bogey :)

When I grew her I topped her and gave her some root space.

My friends reach for her more than the other buds I have.

She could have been allowed to go longer but a security issue caused me to take her early. Otherwise, she would have been a massive yielder. Even taken as early as she was, she filled more jars than anticipated and the high is excellent. Not couch lock at all and long lasting.

Good luck & enjoy the buds.



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i have cuts of these to go in a mate once theirs room. looking foreword to see what comes from yours. i have another packet of these in the fridge aswell so lets see some lovely bud's Hemphrey Bogart.:)
Pulled this one down at day 50. I should have transplanted to a bigger pot, but just didn't have the room. The other two are still flowering, but I took this one a bit early. Pistils were dying off and growth had really slowed. Trichs are cloudy/clear.


Thanks guys! Easy plant to grow and highly recommended. Here's a small nug shot I found from the plant pictured above.


Smells sweet with a decent balanced high. It's been curing for about 4 months and seems to have gotten a bit better since I took that shot above. Good smoke for just after dinner...

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