G13/widow outdoor Central Valley Ca


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just dropped in to say Hello to everyone @ MNS forum and share some pics-its the busy time of year and daytime temps are 100 degrees plus, nightime temps drop to 65 degrees.

I had ordered G13 seeds from MNS recieved about 20and every seed germinated. I culled all except 2 of the best females and kept 1 of 2 males.

I was looking for the (what I believe) would be the G13 pheno (Indica) not the Widow pheno, I ended up saving 2 diff females/mothers phenotypes and the shortest internode male with the widest leaf. 1 of the females is so fast that right when set outdoors June 17th from the cloning machine it didnt grow but flowered, the 2 mothers are outdoors and pulled out of flowering and vegging, the clones off the 2 mothers are showing the diff some are flowering and some are still in veg-so I am seeing the variation within the seeds, heres a sorry picture and bad example because they are in "retarded" leaf ... (pics taken July 19th)
faster mother:


G13/Widow babies


G13/Widow -slower baby in veg

Somas Buddhas Sister (crossed to NL#5/skunk)grown from seed since March

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looking forward to seeing those babies flower...that is one heck of a bush u got there and kudos on hiding them so well


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hello Gino

I live in central Coast, % citys area. sometimes alot of fog. Do u have much problem w/mold?
Thank you. Cheyenne


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G13 and also Hindu Kusk


Hello-I moved to the Sierra hills since the Valley but no there is no humidity or rain in the Valley from Ap/May-Sept/Oct.
Oct/Nov-Mar/Ap is our rainy wet season I would assume you are very close to the water and may have fog that burns off by the afternoon??? like the Bay Area or what San Diego calls June gloom? the Valley is like a desert anyway heres a indoor pic of G13/Widow and also some Hindu Kush