G13-skunk. CBD level.

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Hello everyone.
I am just wondering if anyone has any info on CBD levels in g13-skunk.
With Cannatonic being an example of a high CBD strain, and its genetic heritage being (haze-g13)×(og kush-g13), and understanding that haze and OG are not known as CBD strains, I am assuming that the g13 brings the party.
So my question is,
Does any one have info on the CBD level of MNS g13-skunk.
Appreciate thoughts and info.


The Cannatonic line is not based on the g13xhaze.

That's been debunked but I forgot what the actual makeup of Cannatonic was in the end.

Likely nobody can tell for sure?

I think we have to keep in mind that Resin seeds =/= MNS ...
We can't hold them to the same standards and while MNS won't hide behind "unknown strain" I think Resin seed is not above such things.

All I can say is that I am fairly certain that g13xhaze is not actually part of the Cannatonic makeup.

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Thnx Broseidon.
As far as I understand, one of the parents Mk ultra, is a g-13 descendant.
So I am hoping that the 13-skunk will offer at least moderate amounts (=/>1%CBD).
For high CBD strains, the Cbd Crews' divine has got me interested.


Hi all

A quick look at the Resin Seeds website shows that Cannatonic has NO G13Hz in it. It would be good to remember that Resin Seeds is Mr Nice Seeds business partner to make up CBD Crew, so not sure this is the right company to judge unfairly. Transparency is as important there as it is here at MNS.

It is Reina Madre x NYCD.

As for G13Skunk, if im not mistaken, i believe it carries a recessive CBD trait. So its not a high CBD strain, but depending how and where its crossed, its offspring may carry CBD.


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Im pretty sure Mr Bro meant no disrespect. I have read on many sites and forums that g13xHz was indeed in the lineage so I could understand the mistake. I even recall that on a particular forum the lineage was set straight and the lineage that you have given fxginbcn was proposed as the genuine genetic. Then the same poster that claimed to have been involved said there was a possibility that the parent plants may have been incorrectly labelled at some point previously and yet another lineage was offered as being possible. So not personally knowing any of those involved I can understand Broseidon's tone.
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Hi there, from my understanding Resin seeds found Cannatonic breeding G13 x Haze male to an MK Ultra female that came out like 40% CBD, so everyone is capable of finding such a plant with selection.

This is a great question but probably very protected information, but from my understanding Lyck of the draw as all contain something worthwhile especially starting off with superior genetics.

My current breeding will be G13 x Haze female with a very nice potent smelling hollow stem Massive Medicine Man that is Spectacular! for a nice medical strain No Skunk.

Great luck to you,:)




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Hi brother RB, read fx's post above, it gives the actual lineage of the big C.
I like the sound of your breeding project and woukd love to see some pics of the parents and hear more about it.
Medman is one of my favorites for sure


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Big C

Hi professor, if you know the lineage of Big C you pretty much found the Daddy of your dreams for CBD. I was going to mention Big C but thought keeping silent is best, but Big C is the girl or Male for the CBDs is a project for sure ;) this particular genetic Big C was discovered by accident and read that it averages 14% CBD, so the Afghan x Skunk is a Great place to look as well as Afghan Haze and with selection will find High CBD breeding material.

Happy you know abou Big C a very high CBD plant in regular seeds imagine it crossed with Divine and the potential it offers to find what your looking for.

Great luck to you! Big C is the answer for sure.




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Hi all, just thought I'd add my experience with g13skunk.
About 16 years ago I bought a couple packs of g13sk from Mr Nice . I kept 1 female I labeled the B clone and bred that plant to one of the males from MNS Seed . Since MNS g13sk is inbred to begin with Id say I just took it another step, nothing more than personal selection.

Now Present day. I have been growing those resulting seeds for the last ten years, a few at a time.
On occasion I get plants that have a soapy aroma on the stem rub... These plants however nasty they taste do have a non High effect. But a certain number of medical patients preferred this type to the more drug type for nausea relief.
They didn't get high, but did say they just feel a lot better when they vape this oil from the non THC smoke.
This has never been tested in a lab but people have tested it and praise the effort to keep them alive.
Nothing better than positive results. This variety is never sold for profit.

I grow a few of these g13sk ibl seeds every season and have several in storage.
The one's that I select for myself are superior top shelf meds as good as anything I've had from a dispensary , ever!

Have a Mr Nice Day! 😀



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This original post is quite the coincidence considering the lineage of cannatonic ISN'T g13hz x OG/G13.

The cbd therapy line IS made from g13sk x remedy. So the g13sk mother does hold some recessive high cbd genes.


I've only sampled one g13hz and it was a very kind buzz. I'm looking fwd to some g13Widow. I'm thinking there's some daywreckers with massive resin in that line.


Hi there, from my understanding Resin seeds found Cannatonic breeding G13 x Haze male to an MK Ultra female that came out like 40% CBD, so everyone is capable of finding such a plant with selection.
The parent transmitting the CBD trait was a New York City Diesel plant selected by Jimi from Reggae seeds from a pack of Soma Seeds. 3 nice males were selected, a male was crossed with Reina Madre to create Juanita la Lagrimosa (Reina Madre x NYCD), and with Blue Heaven creating Kalijah.
In 2008 Soma's son-in-law visits Reggae seeds, and buy a few thousand Dancehall seeds (Juanita x Kalijah) and Dub seeds (Critical Mass x Kalijah) telling they were going to be shipped to Canada. But in truth those seeds were sold to Resin seeds, saying that they were MK Ultra x G13 Haze. From a selection of those seeds it is born Cannatonic, Dulce Canna and Dieseltonic.
In 2008 Resin seeds took part in the High Times Cannabis Cup with Cannatonic getting the third place. After this result he performs laboratory tests at Cannatonic, Dulce Canna and Dieseltonic discovering that the strains had a high CBD content.


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"so everyone is capable of finding such a plant with selection."

While in theory that is true, in practice it is extremely unlikely. The #s are against it.