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I see this thread is pretty old, but I was hoping to revive the conversation about g-13 in general. I'm not interested in the old story that everyone tells, but more about the growth habits of g-13, the effects of the smoke, the smell of the cured bud, etc.
From the pictures I've seen it looks to be one hell of a yielder. Is this true? Thoughts comments? Just like to know more about the strain. bud density, smell while growing, length of flowering period, etc.
Thanks in advance!
G13/Haze is a nice powerful plant. The ones I grew stayed short like indicas. The high can be anywhere from major couchlock great for sleep, to a heady haze effect. There's a variety of scents, including haze. The last one I grew had a strong funky scent that reminded me of roach spray like Raid.
Apparently G13/hz has become a popular cutting here recently and it is sold in coffeeshops everywhere now, but under a different name (as usual).

It has a distinctive taste, but I can't think of what it is exactly right now. It smells great and before lighting it up it had a menthol effect and a sour taste, same as the smell. It smokes very smooth and also leaves a nice aftertaste. This pheno does not have a couchlock effect, but definitely haze, and takes a little while to sneak in. I guess the effect will also last a while :cool:


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funny you mention that hhhg,
I had given a friend some homemade g13/nl5 haze or g13/NH mix seeds.
ive never smelled a plant like this before, but it also smelled just like roach spray.
I didn't get to see it finished, but im sure there are plenty more of those to find, not that im looking for them at all, not at all. dude said it was decent though, so maybe it didn't taste like it smelled after it got dried and cured.

as far as the g13, I only have experience with dr g's g13, so I don't know if that counts, but it seems like it is what it is supposed to be.
maybe its just some pure afghani type, an old guy that's a friend said it reminded him of black afghani hash taste.
there were basically two phenos I saw, one was dense and one was a little fluffier and taller plant.
only stretched 25-50% depending on pheno, the denser one stretched less. not very fragrant while growing, nothing to get you in trouble but its a slight green nutty resin smell. the plants I saw liked around 63-70 for the shorter denser ones and 70-77 for the taller fluffier one.
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Just done a big bag of g13 haze.let mother go big mistake thought i had a better plant god was i wrong.very good phenos in a g13h pack all keepers.big crops One of my fav strains so far.
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