G13 Haze


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Greetings all, I just joined this forum. Been running Mr. Nice G13 Haze (and Silver Haze). So I thought id join. G13 has been finished and currently under testing... ssssssmoked. And guess what...no hesitation...running it again. This stuff is Fire! The more experienced smokers are left jaw dropped at its effect. The less experienced smokers...well...they have to re-think their perspective on the whole thing!

I just joined so I cant post pics yet, but i'll send some end results soon.

Smoke report:

Very Haze with a skunky undertone. Smooth smoke with a nice sweetness. The haze taste lingers around in between puffs. Some slight lemon and sweet herbal tones are in there too. Its got some musky/earthy qualities in there.....mmm. iv run some strains alright, but this ones got class. They should serve this shit in French restaurants, man its some gourmet shit!

The smell of the buds are the same as the taste essentially, so it is true to its colors in that sense. Dries and cures well, doesn't go 'grassy', and retains its nice smell.

Seems a bit of a creeper. There's the initial cerebral hit upon smoking, but it is soft rather than sharp. Zero body stone, all in the eyes baby! It's so nice you roll another straight after for that flavor! half way down that one...Boom...your wavy drunk! Shit...like wavy goldfish bowl effect. Balance can be effected slightly. Don't drive on this stuff man...not cool! It's lovely though, warm eyes with visual/dreamy high up feeling. You can get the urge to actually DO something with this stuff, unlike some weed.

However it is hard to hide the fact you high as a mother!

I was at the self service in Tesco and scanned my munchies. Then I put my cash note in the COUPONS slit instead of where it said CASH! Shit! The attractive young lady at the counter just smiled at me, and it was obvious no one has ever done that before! I blame the G13 Haze fully...but the haze removes all embarrassment! So I calmly waited and made a few jokes with the manager of the store, while he had to open the whole machine to retrieve my money. I'm not certain......but I think he knew.:cool:

Key Words:
Ideas weed, creative, happy,waaavvvvvyyyy, warm, no body high, rose tinted spectacles baby!

I was smoking it while I wrote this, so the effect are clear.

Good job seed people, this is my kind of weed. Ill keep it always. Any questions on the plant ect, just ask. Ill send some pictures of the G13 Haze soon.

Peace to all Ganja Lions.


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Hi Mr E, great to hear your experience it was enjoyable to read. Your tone is refreshing.
I agree that the g13Hz is a class act.
Enjoy the search......