G13 Grow Log

Today is day one, as seeds have been soaked and 1 0f 12 has begun to break soil. Plan to use this strain both indoors and outdoors this season so I am very excited. Running these with a few of the new hybrids so I am very excited. Hope to have selection done in another 8wks max so i have a lil input on what plants to put outside based on growth srtucture, speed, etc. Very excited as these beans have sat in the fridge for almost 1.5yrs and have been waiting for an opportune time. Looking for that 1 in a 1000 hoping to find maybe 2 good keepers from the 12.


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hey good luck man... i too have some g13widows... and im goin to crack them very soon... i wont be long after ya...
i too am looking for a special one, as i think this is going to make excellent breeding stock... i hope we can bounce some ideas of each other as well both be getting to know the plant.

well man good luck lookin foward to see what comes next,