First time growing Angels Heart

Hello all.

I currently have 2 AH girls in flower, almost at 8 weeks.

I'm curious as to what other members think of the pheno's I have so I'll be posting photos tomorrow and hopefully get some feedback on what pheno's I have or what people think I have anyway.

See you soon!


Hey night4wings20, i would love to see your photos of angel heart!
What phenos have you spotted so far? I havent grown angel heart so I'm no help with the phenos but there is a really good thread called "angel heart nft" by skunkdoc, have you checked it out?

Looking forward to the photos. Take it easy
Hello Podg :)
This is my first time growing them out so I don't really know what I have yet. I'll check that thread out thanks for pointing me in that direction.

Here is my 2 Angel Heart at day 56 of flower.

Cheers everyone!
Hiya guys sorry been busy.

I'll have to give a proper review when I smoke them again.


So far only smoked a few popcorn nugs of both AH2/3 and they both have a nice refreshing taste. Nothing too specific (in terms of taste) on the inhale/exhale but the high is very clean, all head no body because of when I harvested the plants. Great for daytime smoking

Could have gone another couple weeks to fill out a bit more but I was sick of looking at them haha

I'll be back with a more descriptive take on how both pheno's smell/taste/how the effect is.


Hope the above gives you an idea of how they turned out.
CS/CM is 10 days into flower, tiny plants so won't yield much but these are just a tester to see how the strain is.

Slowly going to work my way through my MNS collection to see which strains I like the most :)

I've stopped online journaling for now though so if you're keen to know how the CS/CM turn out you'll have to PM me.

AGAIN. I'll be back sometime soon with a better smoke report :)