First time grower ASH - Day 1 Flower


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My first time growing, not much access to anything really just using basic equipment..
are mr nice seeds feminized? because i hope my baby is a girl :(

Pics below, any advice is welcome im new.. now flowering 1 ASH 1 BW under 2 250w HPS lamps.

10 Days:

24 Days:

27 Days:

Day 1 Flower; 28 Days from seed:

Day 2 Flower; 29 Days from seed:



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Hey Blazed; welcome to the 'club'.

MNS seeds are not currently feminized (although you may see some feminized lines in the near future). Your odds are roughly 50/50 for a female ... good luck.

I'd say you're off to a good start ... you'll get a ton of advice, but there is NOTHING wrong with starting small and learning step by step. That's exactly how I learned. Keep your timer at 12/12, plan on something around 70 to 80 days to finish, don't overdo it on nutes/boosters/blasters/fizzlers and assorted bat shit and what not .... simpler the better usually works best.

Don't overwater either ... keep moist, but not soaked. MJ doesn't like wet feet and will protest rapidly and clearly.

Two other things to think about:

1. Air flow: a small fan can help and the plants really seem to enjoy/grow better with some air movement. (after writing this, I see you already have that covered! Perfect.)

2. Filtration/odor: The biggest single new growers make, IMO, is thinking that because the grow is small/isolated/low light, etc. that it won't stink the whole house at some point ... don't fall for it, assuming you have even one female there, much less two, the house will fill with the aroma at some point in the grow.

Plan for some form of exhaust system or get a good carbon filter step up in the room .... if not, simply plan on not having anyone over to the house that you don't want 'in on it' (or plan on sharin your program with whoever lives there!). Seriously, don't even answer the front door if your house reeks, you'd be amazed how many people can pick out the smell and identify it in an instant. Some cop or city employee knocks on your front door over some incidental issue and ... oops.

Hope that helps, good luck.


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thanks for the tips they are both in my bathroom which can only be entered through my room so hopefully i wont have too many problems with smell..

when can i tell the sex of these plants? i would hate to find out they are male :p

i thought that MNS seeds were fem because of thier price, they are really quite expensive compared to other seedbanks but i guess this means higher quality?

anyways i wanted to ask if there could be too much wind on the plant? because some of the leafs that are getting blown alot look a little bit wierd so i adjusted the fan..


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Hi Blazed. Welcome to MNS.
Rabbit gave you some excellent advice there.
On the watering tip, I would recommend letting the pot dry to the point that they wilt pretty good so that you can then pick up the pot and feel what it is like empty (weight.)
You don't want to do that every time, but it will help you understand when they need it and when they don't to avoid drowning them.

The browning on your leaf edges looks like possible (minor) Ph problem to me. Do you have an electronic Ph meter for testing your nutrients?

Please tell us a little bit more about your grow:
What are you running the plants in, potting soil or an inert hydro media?
How big are those containers?
What kind of ferts are you using and how much?

Regarding the price of MNS seeds, I guess the price depends on where you buy them, but I find that they are about the same as other brands in price, but the value/quality is much better. You may be confused by the pricing because Shanti sells between 15 and 20 something seeds in each pack. Most go for less than $5 per seed with the exception of Super Silver Haze, Neville's Haze and Mango Haze that go for around $8 per seed. This is about the same price as any top of the line seed on the market. The difference is that most of those other "top of the line seeds" are actually hybrids of the original MNS strains :D

As far as sexing goes, you should be able to see pre-flowers at the main growing top of the plant about week 4 and/or 14-18 inches tall.
You probably have them there now.

couldn't find any good macro pics here on the site but this general pic might be helpful.
If it doesn't have hairs, there is a chance it is male.
Look very carefully. These young girls are often shy about showing you their flowers.


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i have soil PH meter the soil of my plants is currently between 6.8 and 7 in soil, the soil if 3 different kinds it contains some charcoal like stuff and sand best i could do hehe, as i was checking my plant i found that the tips of the bottoms leaves have gone kindof a brownish green they almost look like they are wilting they feel soft but not dry i think its heat stress but im not so sure ill try post some pics soon.

i am now feeding with organic nutes that dont show NPK but show this im currently giving 1/2 strength of these nutes every 2 days, the PH of the nutes is 7 and the ph of my water is 6.8~ ive been thinking about adding vinegar but im not so sure because it also contains other stuff in it(which type of vinegar should i use?)

Nitrogen: 0.051% ( im wondering if ill need to add more N?)
Phosphor: 5,98 PPM
Potassium: 9,57 PPM
Mg: 0,14 PPM
Iron:1,10 PPM
Manganese: 0,19 PPM
and some other stuff which i dont know what they are.. im still looking for better nutes but im not sure where i can get them, ordering stuff online is not an option because of the 20+$ shipping and it takes 20 days to get here :/(i ordered the ph meter online)

the pot is probably around 40 cm in diameter and 40 cm deep they didnt know the size at the shop so yeah not really sure how many liters/gallons. my PH meter also has a moisture meter so watering hasnt been much of a problem for me and knowing myself i would most likely underwater than overwater.

about the pre-flowers i cannot find any ive looked at the base of every branch and fan leaf. im hoping to see some soon..

thanks for all the help comments are really helping :D

EDIT: i had a blackout today about 1 hour after lights on for plants and it was out for a good 6-7 hours what should i do? just let it turn off normally?
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thanks for the tips they are both in my bathroom which can only be entered through my room so hopefully i wont have too many problems with smell..
You're welcome Blazed. But may I most emphatically suggest you reread the last paragraph on the smell thing and consider rethinking your assumptions.

Yes, the smell WILL .... I guarantee you, wait for it, been doing this for almost 15 years so trust me .... the smell won't care about doors, windows fans and hopefull thinking on the part of new grower .... It WILL stink the house and you WILL have to deal with it.

I've 'mentored' about 6 grown, thinking, intelligent adults through their first grows over the years, and every single one of them had the same assumption you do about smell and every single one of them took my warning with a 'grain of salt' and every single one of them ended up saying, "geez, you were right, the whole house stunk like crazy".

If you're hoping to hide if from others in the house, or if you're in an apartment/condo/close quarters area, or heaven forbid, a dorm ... you have a most rude awakening to come.

trust the rabbit

You'll have to move the plants or share the news with all in the vicinity. That's why the topic of fans, filters and odor control is such a major topic on all the pot forums.

That's why most grows are discovered .... and often reported to police before you have a chance to move the goods.

The good news is that once you go to the trouble of fixing the problem, you're free to grow for ever and ever ...


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and one more point .... it will often have mild smell through much of the grow that is fairly easy to contain.

Don't be lulled into a false sense of security by that .... it WILL WILL WILL hit a point of stink explosion and it will be uncontainable at some point in that grow.

Varies somewhat by the variety; some stink less than others, but all of them have that period, usually a couple weeks long, where they are just out of control stinky.


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having problems with the bottom leafs, everyday it moves further into the leaf, its affecting fan leafs and the leafs on the new branches but only older leafs..

can anyone tell what this is?
PH 6,8

plants are in a bathroom which is in a room that is separate from the rest of the house so the only problem would be if the smell goes through 2 doors are outside, im trying to get a cardbon filer but my growbox(which is a cardboard box) will be outgrow by the plants soon so im not really sure what to do.


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Assumning the soil Ph meter is correct (those devices are notoriously inaccurate) you are still at the top of or above the acceptable range for soil PH for herb (depends on who you ask.)

It has been many years since I have grown in soil so maybe someone else can comment on that, but what your symptoms look like to me is nutrient deficiency caused by improper PH. I would try dropping the Ph to 6.5 (however you actually do that with soil.)

Looks likeat 6.6 and above, you are not getting Manganese or iron.
This thread on ICmag "The complete guide to sick plants, Ph and pest troubles" is actually the same content contained in the book "The Marijuana garden Saver" posted on ICmag by the author.

If you spend a bit of time up there reading, I suspect you will find wisdom.

PS: listen to BR about controlling smell.
That is a problem that will get many people in big trouble.

You can build your own cabinet inexpensively.
I just built one out of 4 foot x 8 foot 3/4 inch thick sheets of insulation foam.
There is a pic of it in my MKxSk grow thread in my signature.
Here it is under construction:

I will take some more pics soon and post them up for you if you like.
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ok today i got 100% natural white vinegar with no chemicals i will try use this to lower my pH im just going to put vinegar in my water every time i water and water with 6.5 pH water this should eventually make the soil 6.5 too right?

about your box what material is that?

today there was no new growth like usual for some reason.. since the blackout which let the room get really hot(30-35 celcius) and no air circulation and no light..

i will update as soon as something changes.

and if you could post some pics of how you set up lights/fans in that box it would be nice

thanks again


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I added pics and description of the cab in my thread for you HERE

It can save you some money if you are handy and have a few tools. Actually, not much more than a single edge razor blade, a 4" hole saw, and a paint roller for tools on this. Could probably have gotten away with cutting the holes by hand if I needed to (razor blade.)

I didn't mention in the thread that I put a couple of 2x2 runners on the roof to screw the eyelets into (through the foam) for the lights.

Product is Owens Corning Foamular.
There are other brands of the same thing.

I prefer the 1 inch thick stuff (much more rigid/stronger) but they stopped carying it locally. 3/4 inch is the best I could do.
Glued the edges and used drywall screws to hold it together while the glue set. The, I taped all seams inside and out with foil tape after it was all dry.

The scrubber I built creates a slight vacuum in the cab that keeps the door on. This negative pressure assures that no stink will escape unless I open the door.

Hope this helps.
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thanks for those pics ive saved em and will start working on a box soon.
does the vacuum affect the plants at all?

here is day 6 flowering for the ash, day 36 from seed
i still cannot see any signs of it showing sex.
the other 2 plants are both black widow
current lighting is 2 250w HPS from the top and 2 65w 6500k clfs on the bottom

the bottom leaves of the ASH plant are turning darker green almost gray and drying out slowing moving up from the tips. what should i do?

pic of the problem. what could it be?


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color on pics is not good' can you take some pics under normal, light? By a window or something?
I encourage other members to chime in here on adjusting ph in a soil grow.
I have seen similar symptoms when I over watered and over heated some young sprouts.

I wish I could help you more but you are a bit out of my world with the soil thing.
Have you found anything helpful in the link from icmag?

Mr Nuggett

Hi Blazed what nuteburn said ^^^^^^ no reason to feed every two days this early in your grow. PEACE ! NUGGETT.


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thanks for those pics ive saved em and will start working on a box soon.
does the vacuum affect the plants at all?

Good question.
This thread is my source for knowledge on that topic but I admit to not having mastered the tech yet
VPD and nutrients absorption

The vacuum in my case is caused by the HEPA filter which does not flow as freely as an open hole.
I need the intake filter because of where my cab is.
You may not need it being in a climate controlled space.

Looks like you are getting some good feedback on your problem.


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leaf day 6

same leaf day 7

today i watered with water phed to 6.5 with vinegar that has no chemicals according to the bottle.

thank you for all the feedback, i will be getting some new nutes soon..
re-potting into new soil? the plant was just re-potted 6 days ago due to being rootbound you think it would be ok to re-pot again?

dont have time right now to read that link Cptn but i will read it as soon as i can

thank you again for all the help i dont know what i would do without you guys :D



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yo blazed, ill see if i can lend a hand being a so grower my self.

can you give abit more detail about your soil

the soil if 3 different kinds it contains some charcoal like stuff and sand
i think this could be the problem. most commercial potting compost's will be buffered to the right ph, im not 100% but mixing could throw things off.
i'd be weary re-potting after you switched to 12/12 but people have no problems doing this

also how is your tap water? is there alot of salty residue left once the water has evaporated? which is more of a problem if you let your pots dry out to much :confused:

ill try my best to help but tbh i find it hard to get my point across over the internet

all the best


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im using drinking water pHed to 6.5 using vinegar, i leave the water in an open container for 24h to let chlorine and etc evaporate..

bottom leaves are now yellow and very soft( over watering? )


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im using drinking water pHed to 6.5 using vinegar, i leave the water in an open container for 24h to let chlorine and etc evaporate..

bottom leaves are now yellow and very soft( over watering? )
if i was you i'd leave out the vinenger and when you leave the water out use a fish tank air stone to keep the oxygen levels up in the water
my tap water has a ph of 8 so you shouldn't have too adjust but people will advise it?