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Hey Ken Abbis, this is one of the songs I am going to play to my keeper
Hop flop squawk, It's a keeper
Cut the cake, we'll all get well
Also, I hear upon the grapevine that the Beef's harmonica solo at the end acts a bit like UV rays on the 'erb and helps produce more flavorsome terpenoids. The plant trying to protect itself from the music is the theory I have heard postulated. :p

Captain Beefheart - Ice Cream for Crow (HIgh Resolution) - YouTube


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so whats pretty fast 8 weeks for a plant what has 50% haze init i have some pinkfloyd too and i was worried for the time/headspace but 8 weeks is nothing i got indica dominant what take 10 weeks everything to 10 weeks is super ok for me how about the stretch is it much?
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Ken Abbis

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pretty quick and already good smoke... potent and pleasure of flavors

another 2 weeks would have been ideal but its all I got what im smoking now.

24 grams dried flower from PF #3.

will style her clones super crop and take 10 weeks with full cure

Here is what remains of her

13-01-2022 - PF#3 - a.jpg

13-01-2022 - PF#3 - b.jpg