EU/US thread for supplies/shop comparison etc.?


Howdy folks!

I just saw another new member share his findings on some equipment and posting where he ultimately bought, for what price, etc. etc.

This got me thinking:
Would you guys be interested in getting a EU/US thread for supplies, available shops, price comparisons and such?

I did quite a bit of research throughout EU and found for example that the Dutch are usually offering the best prices on most equipment. With some other stuff the Spanish are cheaper. Some stuff in terms of nutes you can best get from France. Poland and other eastern EU states were quite disappointing in terms of price etc. etc.

Within the Netherlands I also found that there are quite the price differences. Some shops sell for standard prices while I have found a few that offer actual bargains or more or less permanently lowest prices.

Not entirely sure if that is allowed by forum rules and also not sure if there is an interest.

What do you guys think?