Early Skunk Haze 12/12 from Seed


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Awesome grow! For your early haze grow:

  • what was your nutrient feed like for the straight from seed to 12/12?
  • how tall did your plants end up?
  • was this a 400w grow?

I'm planning on an early haze and SSH stealth grow myself


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hello herold

It was a 1000w grow....I used the lucus formula. 8ml-16ml general hydroponics micro and bloom....they got pretty tall as u can see...I'm running ssh now chk out the grow.....I'm using 1000W mh until I'm through the stretch...then I'll switch 2 the hps....that plus I think 1-2 veg also helps stretch...my 2.....


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Hey Radiator,

Girls looked pretty! Was that 80-90 days from seed?! That is quick indeed.

Mr. Radiator, Sir, may we please have a smoke report? Or just a one sentence wonder?


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does anyone no when this strain would mature in the northeast from experience
I don't know about outside, but I know from seed some of them are done at eight weeks while others have taken ten from the swith of 12/12. I think they would do well outside as they aren't too dense for mold to be an issure. I am going to run a couple of different cuts of it outside in the Midwest this year to see how she does. Goodluck!