Early Queen scrog


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I plan on making this my journal for my second grow with early queen, my very first grow pics I posted in my introduction. This grow I will be using my original DWC homeade tub and incorporating a SCROG net for this grow since the first round showed great potential for being trained this way. I'm using home-breed seeds from my first grow and going for a sensimelia crop this time now that I have plenty of seed stock.

I currently have 9 small plants in veg, one I have topped twice and has four top shoots which I plan on using as a mother (after sexing it) and the other 8 will also be sexed and males taken out this time. I have room to flower 4 girls so whatever is left will be made into mothers assuming the genetics look good. Since I have to leave town for a week at the end of the month my plan is to sex them and take the remaining females and inserting a rope wick through the bottom of containers being supplied by a 3 gallon Rubbermaid tub, hopefully this will get them through the week I'm gone and then it's time to go DWC Scrog.

I'll post some pics, if anyone can help me on getting pics down to more reasonable size that would be great :)