Early queen f2


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i'm not sure the picture is very little and in a low resolution

but i think it's a pistil on the leave

i got a plant that doing th'at before a micro bud in the middle of the leave
These are 5 balcony ladies(f2). Planning on finishing inside as there is only 6hr direct sun.


These seeds were an accidental cross. Two plants survived from a seed pack given to a relative.The majority of the seeds were immature and pale. 3 of the 5 females are showing lavender pistols. Does anyone have experience super cropping early queen, they are getting a bit tall? They are being fed 1/4 strength bio canna. I really love these plants. They will be finished inside under Two 600 hps and one 600 MH along with the critical haze. Fingers crossed


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They look great . I topped my one female when I ran her . They take well to topping so I guess supercropping should be ok. I know too late now lol
A couple of queens were cut on Sunday. Finger hash was put in “dr dabber switch. Taste was great but what was even better was the mood. My mood had been toxic, sleep deprived, deeply hostile about existence. I am allergic to wheat, corn, potatoes, eggs, milk and all beans coupled to delayed sleep phase disorder. 80% of that was lifted for awhile. Deeply grateful !
This is some early queen rosin. High reminded me of 1985 hot knifing hash with my older brothers friends. Went out afterwards riding my bmx bike with my buddies. Was not sure what to expect from the hash. Then a blue Chevron gas station sign appeared on the horizon. The blue was so intense As if some one had cranked up a visual volume control. It reminded me how different pot used to be. Not all foggy and mashed together. Wet Pavement had a shimmer like acid kicking in. buttons got pressed in the old cerebral cortex that had not been active in a long time.DD0179E2-5C5D-4AE9-AD6F-FE123BB39E7B.jpeg
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one of my good 'ole days freebies from CSI Humboldt has put out an extra leaflet, it is a normal leaflet though. just growing out at a weird angle w/o one showing on the opposite side of the leaves. it is panama red x bubba Kush.
It has been in jars in the dark and cold for a couple of months. The taste, effect and potency have all improved significantly. Storz and Bickel mighty vaporizer is being used to enjoy the flowers. #2 plant is currently in device. Taste is creamy and tastes very unlike anything else I have tried. Effect is clean, inspiring and peaceful. Potency is surprisingly good. Couple of plants had more of a lazy effect, good for later in the day. An attempt at some type of cure is a must for these plants. Otherwise you are missing out. I found these were dried to quick. A week on screens as opposed to my critical haze which hung in cold and dark for three weeks. These were a positive experience in every way! The high is unique in an old school very different way. I can see why it is used for breeding based on the positive attitude it facilitates. Some of us who are prone to wandering the darker landscape of the psyche can be greatly helped by plants like these. It should be mentioned that these plants were under fed and by no means taken to their full potential.


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Great review @Greenstudent everyone that grows the EQ has great things to say about her. To me it seems to reconnect to those cannabinoid receptors from the 70's. Those early Californian and Mexican strains that were so flavored. She's like the girl next door. Maybe not the tallest or prettiest, but certainly the most pleasing to be around. I look forward to popping a pack of Early Queen this spring. Thanks for the reminder. Well done.