early pearly skunk x haze

ello ray

oi oi pat
sweet for stoppin in
havin probs with the p(r)oxy 2nite can't attach me pics
their in the ablum if ya lookee

all still on the h & g nutes
at max e.c 1.8 now
been greedy girls so far :D

all the best
mr t
ello zigzag m8
thanks 4 stoppin by
i've got two different ladys ( 10 in 1 m2), they both shoot right off one a little less than the other the taller finishes a week later, its my first hydro run with these, nexttime i'll jus veg them for a couple of days and use twice as many cuts, these had 2weeks veg which really didnt help me keepin them out the light:rolleyes:

mr t


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Growin through the roof(less) :notfunny: :D :p

Lol, what kind of smells are you getting, and what are the differences in your 2 cuts? Looks like less than 4 weeks to go??
ur not wrong pat,

smells like real sweet fruity summin , but it's changin quite a bit
lookin to chop them at 9 wks mayb
the shorter one more sk lookin buds will be ready for sure not so sure about the other

i'm kickin myself for not puttin the net up a bit sooner thou, had a bit of lean'age, that lifted the spreader mat for a day:rolleyes:, got a few yellowin leafs goin on but nuffin major

all the best
mr t


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Knock Knock

Hi Toothless Herbalist, hope all is well with you and your girls,

Just being damned cheeky really cos Id love to know how theyre doing
and to see some more pics:eek:

Got some of these going at 10 days 12 /12 so I do have an interest;)

Cheers mate