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Hi All

great photos and nice show. Good info too...would not be too concerned with the yellowing old shade leaves, just water out the salts with a little flush...how many hours night is going on your way at present?

Nice plants and look forward to seeing more great photos all the best Sb


Howdy L33t and shanti,

Honored to have you both stop by, thank you for the kind words.

I am going to wait another week to see what's happening with the mites, still kind of shocked to see them. If I see more of them or if it looks to be getting worse, I will probably give them a foliar application of neem. Not hoping to get rid of them, that's about impossible, but hoping to at least make it hard on them. It is amazing how they will find the sickest plants and attack them, leaving the healthier ones alone.

Thanks for the reassurance shanti about the plant issues I was seeing. We've been pump faked for a week now about rain, forecast has said thunderstorms every day but it hasn't happened.

My day length including dusk and dawn is 14 hours 19 minutes, from sunrise to sunset is 13 hours 23 minutes. Night length from dusk to dawn is 9 hours 41 minutes, from sunrise to sunset 10 hours 37 minutes.

Excellent Female to Male ratio, out of 17 plants that survived to flowering 4 were male. There are 15 plants out there now, with one being a clone of Blueberry (possible source of mite infestation, I'll be sure to kick the guy who gave it to me in the nuts next time I see him) and another being a clone of the Early Pearl Skunk Haze. When I was taking off some of her lower branches earlier this season I stuck one in the shade in the compost underneath the plant and it survived so I moved it to it's own hole. It hasn't had the easiest life, but it should still yield a few ounces.

For comparison purposes, here's a picture of the other male who got the chop that day, and this is the typical structure that every other plant has taken besides the indica male. He was about 7'. Also, since I could basically tell he was male for at least a month or so, he didn't get any ferts during that time, and ironically, he was one of the healthiest looking plants. I should have just let nature do her thing instead of trying to juice them so much, haha. Live and learn =D

Take care, and thanks for reading.
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Update time.

I was down there taking pictures with a digital video camera because my pocket camera broke, and I figured I might as well take some video footage. When I uploaded it to youtube, though, the audio got all jacked up. I'll put up links to them if you all want, but the audio is all choppy and I'm not too happy with it. The pic above is a snapshot from the video.

Funny thing happened when I was out checking them. Three Blackhawk helicopters flew over my plots, and I was thinking it a little odd, especially because one of them had the top of it painted white, which I've only seen once before. The next day I figured out what was going on. President Obama flew over my plots, haha! He's in town for the weekend, and his helicopter was the one I saw with the white trim on top. Thanks for stopping by Obama =D

Also, finally solved the mystery of what was ailing my plants. I called the water treatment plant in my area and they started using Chloramine, which doesn't evaporate over time. Every time I watered I was sterilizing my soil, which is no bueno when you are feeding with dry organic ammendments. It makes perfect sense, too, because they started showing deficiencies right after my first real watering.

A few of the plants have yellowed up pretty bad. Yield will be reduced, but they should smoke really smooth. It's been a good learning experience.

See you all later.


white house endorsment is right:D

they look lovley good job BD

Joe King Park

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Very Nice :)
Are They Becoming Greasy With Resin ?:)
Awesome Plants , And Great Images
I've Been Reading About GHE Ripen http://www.eurohydro.com And It Describes Salts And Extra Boron And A Few Other Ingredients .
I Have Bought Some Of This " Flower Forcer " Which Reccomends Using It A Week Before Harvest , Or A Few Weeks Earlier ( @ Half Strength ) To Speed Up Harvest .
I Have Yet To Apply Any , And Am Wondering If You Are Familiar With The Product , And if So , How Did You Find It ?


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Looking good Bobby,

Should be some nice buds there when your finished, looks like a nice strain and starting to get greasy as JKP said.

Just wondering about the chloramine you mentioned,is their anyway that you know of to remove it from the water apart fom using an ro filter? I've a feeling all the water companies are gonna start using this soon.

Peace GG

P.s JKP, I've been using Ripen in NFT for the last while and love the stuff, it really packs on the weight quickly at the end and finishes off the buds nicely imo. Defo is better than overdrive from advanced, although their not the exact same type of product.

Once again Peace!


Hi everyone,

Thanks for the kind words herbmister, Joe, and genie.

I could've sworn I saw Obama giving me the thumbs up as he was flying over =)

Nah, I haven't used any ripeners Joe. In fact, I haven't done anything since I found out about the Chloramine. Don't plan on doing anything, either. Just going to let Mother Nature take care of them girls.

I haven't looked into it all that much, but I know Chloramine won't dissipate/evaporate/be out of the water in any reasonable amount of time by just letting it sit out. I believe RO will do it, but I'm not certain.

My brother is back on land after his most recent adventure at sea, and I just wanted to say glad you're safe bro!!! He told me he checked out this thread at the local library where he is at. As you can see there are good things waiting for you when you get back, including some seeds made just for you =) Can't wait til you get home, miss you around here bro.



It's coming down to it, the first plants will probably be harvested soon, within the next week or two.

This is the girl who tried to lay down a few months ago, she will be the first to get harvested.

This is from a branch on the plant who will probably get harvested next. Not quite ready.

This is a plant that was topped. Yes, that is all one plant, and you can't even see the fourth top, which is behind the one on the right. The top that is yellowed up on the left actually broke and I found it on the ground, I had missed it when I was adding support. Should be harvested somewhat soon, too.

My tallest plant, untopped, coming in at ~10'. Definitely still has some time to go.

Be back when the chop occurs, maybe even this weekend for the girl in the first pic.

P.S. Forgot to add that I took a hiatus from smoking cannabis. I might have to pass a drug test soon to get a job, and I'm not going to try to cheat my way through it this time. Feel pretty good, lots of energy.
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Im really liking the speed of this Early Haze line, to be so advanced at this point in the year is impressive. You've did a fine job with these plants obviously Bobby.

Tip of the hat to Shanti for such an impressive line of cannabis. Well done.

Joe King Park

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Awesome !!

I Am Amazed At How Advanced Yours Are
I Started Germination May 24 Up Here And My Remaining Outdoor Plant Has Extremely Long Hairs Everywhere , But No Crystal Formation Yet.
Indoor , Crystal Production Is Just Starting
#; Can I Ask If You Started Your Early Haze Before May 24th ?
Not Going To Comment On The Recent Weather In Case I Jinx It ,lol
Well Done #:)


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nice one b.d

hi b.d how are you? things are looking good! i am very intrested in this strain,as i am looking for something more to start outdoors this year! i have also noticed they are still in stock around the place.
I,m lucky to live in a great climate(oz),so i reackon they would do great!
might just have to pick up a pack a.s.ap,anyway mate,all the best of luck...sensient:D


Hi Jesse, thanks for the comments.

Hi Joe, I just looked back in this thread and May 24th is right about when I germinated these beans, they were moved outside right at the beginning of June.

Hi sensient, and welcome to the forums. I have been holding off on my grow report until everything comes down and a smoke test is performed, but I will say that I am very impressed with this strain so far, and l enjoy the smell that they have right now.

Thanks for reading along.


Alright, the first four plants have been harvested. Two of them weren't quite ready, and could probably have used another week, but I had the time right now to do it so I took them down. Two had the compact fox tail look that Botanical Bill noted, the other two were bigger dense flowers. Two have a candy like smell to them, the other two have a much more acrid smell to them, kind of hurts your nose, but not incredibly overpowering.

Had the trim crew over and we knocked it all out. Probably close to a pound in my estimate. Smoked some scissor hash and was high out of my mind, no bad feelings, except a little anxiety as the high set in. Lasted long and was very clean.

Here's some pics right before they came down.



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Hey BD, they are some of the best outdoor pics I have seen, dont usually comment on pics but they look amazing, very well done.


Thanks nutella and cosa,

They were in flower from about the last week of July to then, so about 8 weeks.

Just wanted to add that I usually trim off all lower buds to promote growth in the tops, but decided this year not to do that. Bigger buds = better chance for mold, and so far it seems like it worked out great. There was only one very small spot that had mold on it. This did mean that I had a lot more small buds, and since I hate trimming small buds I told my crew to be liberal in their choosing of 'hash' buds, or small buds that aren't worth the time to trim so they will be used for hash. I'm expecting a few huge balls of hash from this harvest run.

And I want to take back that statement about having pheno's with foxtails like BB's, I just saw some pictures of his and I don't have any plants with foxtails as pronounced as that.

We just had 5 days straight of rain, here's hoping for some solid sunny days to finish up.


Badass buds, Digi:D...I was sleeping on this strain, but Shanti set me straight:cool:...I see a candy theme developing here...these new genetics are no joke...jay:)

Joe King Park

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Using Your Nice Plants As A Guage ?

Bobby D ; Could You Have A Looksee At My Latest Ommision To My Outdoor Au Naturel Thread And Estimate How Far Behind My Remaining Early Haze Is ?
( Thank You ):)
With The Cold Nights And Shorter Days , Bud Development Has Gone Bonkers
I Know I'm Not Going To Realise Buds Like Indoor Early Haze
I'm Going To Upload My Outdoor Images Now
Leaving You With A Indoor Image To Scrutinise
Well Done !!


  • Indoor Much More Advanced -Early Haze S27.jpg
    Indoor Much More Advanced -Early Haze S27.jpg
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Hi Jay,

Thanks man, hope all is going well with you.

Hi Joe,

That one outdoors looks like it still has about a month or so. I have no idea why it is so far behind. Even my slowest plants will probably be done in a week.

I regret to say that I took down almost every plant except 4, without taking any pictures at all. There were two that were just beautiful. It was a split second decision really, because after the 5 days of rain I had mold show up on just about every plant in one spot or another. I will get some pictures of some flowers drying, but unfortunately I have none of the actual plants while they were still alive. I was only there during the night, because I was busy during the days, and my trim crew that was working on them during the day actually took them down for me.

The mold wasn't really that bad, and was only on a few plants, and it was on about 10% of the flowers. The first plants I took down are now dried and in jars going through their cure. (*edit* I should have chopped off the mold I saw and let them go, because not long after all this bad weather, it was great for 4 weeks)

I'll be back.
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