Early Haze Outdoor Grow


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great detailed report

You sound like a proud father, in a good way. You should be proud, good job. There is a deep satisfaction seeing a project like this through to completion. Of all the variables, you see what needs to be adjusted for next year. Next year will be different than the previous though since no year is has the same weather.

Also make sure you cover your tracks well, so to speak. That is take a circuitous route to your site and have a backup story in case you encounter someone. You could be an exercise fanatic, or a bird watcher, a photographer, etc. It is also good to have several sites with few plants than all your eggs in one basket.

Enjoy your fruits,:)

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did you say where you are from? I didn't read all of the thread but didn't see it. I wonder if this would do well in northern climes if you catch my drift! ;)


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Thanks Guys. I love growing under the sun, there is something about seeing quality plants take off in the great outdoors. There will always be challenges but that will always be a part of dealing with the elements.

yesca73, glad you had good results with the Critical Haze, I’ve read bits of your thread. I think some of the haze hybrids are sleepers, with a little time and understanding of the plants you can get them dialed to perform well in temperate climates.

Skunka, the thinking cap has been on and I have some ideas about what to do with the Early Haze next year. With a little more time to prepare I know I can do much better. I think the key is to get them in the ground (in properly prepared holes) as early as possible to get them established and develop a healthy root system. I have many baskets, and will be looking for some new ones, and I am a naturalist and wildlife photographer.

Space Toker, I’m at around 40 N, hardiness zone 6a. The growing season is about 6 months, between frosts.

I’ll put up some info on the Angel Hearts, I’m still trying to figure those out. I keep going back and forth between the two I have trying to decide which one I like better, such a wonderful problem to have. The longer they cure, the more they change, in a good way.


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The Angels

I thought I’d recap the Angel Hearts I grew and give a little info on how they smoke. I ended up with 2 females that performed pretty well considering the kind of season here. Two plants are not much of a sample and at first I thought I had completely different phenos but after drying, trimming, and curing they are actually very similar. I think the difference between the two in growing is because one was planted early (late May) and left to grow naturally and the other was planted later to replace a male (mid July) and was topped. The one put out early (AH 1) was probably about 9 feet tall (harvested in stages) and really grew in the traditional Christmas tree fashion. The topped one (AH 4) had 2 colas that reached over 5 feet but some of the lateral branches were hindered because they got caught up in the cage, it never really had a chance to completely branch out. It really could have used some more veg time for a better yield.

After drying, both produced branches that were like whips of rope, basically sticks covered with uniform buds from the tips to where they were cut. I think when I grow these again, I will not top but just leave them be or try to do some bending. They lateral branches produced very well on the untopped one and everything seemed to fill out well all the way up to the main cola. The buds are not the biggest but there are a lot of them and if you grow the plants big you can get a good yield.

As far as the smoke goes, I can’t stop smoking it. The longer it cures, the better it gets. Originally I thought I had two different phenos but what I’m finding is they are both very similar smoke wise. It’s kind of funny. I smoke one for a couple of days to try and get a handle on it. I then smoke the other for a couple of days. I then have to go back to the first one, and so on, and on. All the while they are curing longer and just getting better, lol.

When I first put them in the jars they had a fresh/slightly fruity/slightly spicy smell to them. As they cured a faint chive/garlic aroma started to come out. When breaking up the buds that aroma comes out more.

When smoked there is a spicy hashy flavor followed by a slight and very pleasant tropical fruit flavor, especially on the exhale. Very tasty smoke. I have never smoked Mango Haze but the tropical fruit flavor must be the Mango coming thru, in a subtle way.

Another thing, I like to smoke joints and some of the apical buds are so resinous that it’s hard to keep the joint lit…I’m not complaining.

The effects are all in the head at first followed by an accompanying warm body stone that slowly creeps in. It’s a very relaxed kind of experience but nothing in the way of a couch lock. You can still do things but sometimes you’re mind wanders, you just get caught up in details of things you normal wouldn’t. And you get that time is in slow motion kind of thing. A note on one of the phenos (AH 4), after the first couple of hits I get a freezing sort of sensation in my nostrils or sinus, it only lasts a few seconds, not annoying but strange.

I have cuts of both, plus plenty of more seeds. Haven’t decided if I’ll put out clones of the ones I have next season or gift them to someone and go searching thru the seeds, I’d like to find one (or two) with a strong Mango Haze lean on. I’ll probably end up doing all of the above.